Issue #437: So like, how do we get comics?

Issue #437: So like, how do we get comics?

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How can we make sense of all the news about publishing and distribution and paused books??? Well, the boys got JESS to come back to the show to give us the inside scoop on how comic shops and comics publishers are dealing with the ongoing crisis. What will the comics industry look like after all this? Let’s talk it out.

Also, the gang talks about all the comics they’ve been catching up on over the last week, and Joey takes a listener question about the Champions!


Comics talked this week:

Birds of Prey #96-108, I, Zombie vol. 1, Wonder Woman: Golden Age Omnibus vol. 4, Steeple vol. 2, Bad Machinery vol. 2, Shuri #1-10, All-New Wolverine & X-23 by Tom Taylor, Hulk & She-Hulk by Mariko Tamaki, Black Panther #1-12 (The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda), Heavy Vinyl Y2KO!, Gender Queer: a Memoir, Fallen Angels #1-6, Finger Guns #2, Champions, and Spy Island #1.

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