Special Edition: Talking Antaeus with Harry Groener

Special Edition: Talking Antaeus with Harry Groener

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Harry Groener is a classically trained actor who has 83 credits on IMDB, has performed in Broadway classics like Crazy For You, Oklahoma, Cats and Spamalot and has been nominated for three Tony awards. That’s not to mention the countless plays and musicals he has done around the country. He is also a founding member of the Anteaues Theater Company. You remember them right? We did a story about the Antaeus Theatre Company not too long ago.

Groener would excuse you though if you didn’t know him for his illustrious theater career or even his 68 episodes on the sitcom Dear John, which was a top ten show in its late eighties/early nineties hay day. No, he knows full well you probably know him for one of three things:


  1. Mayor Richard Wilkins II: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  2. Tam Elbrun in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “Tin Man“.
  3. Ted’s eccentric step-dad Clint: How I Met Your Mother

As you will hear in the interview Harry doesn’t mind this one bit. He embraces it and he feels honored to have worked on shows that people remember so fondly.  When I spoke with Mr. Groener the 64 year old actor was giving with him time and his passion for live theater shown through bright and clear.

I hope you will give the interview a listen and head over to the Antaeus Kickstarter page and give whatever you can. They have 5 days left to raise money for their new home which will bring live theater to their community.


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