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August Shojo Manga Recap

My August shojo haul was intense, y’all. So many good installments in some of my favorite series, the ending of one series, and great reprints of some classics. Check out….

July Shojo Manga Recap

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the romance, drama, fantasy, and friendship that comes with a shojo title. Frankly, I read a lot of new shojo volumes this….

Manga Monday: Blue Spring Ride

Manga Monday: Blue Spring Ride Story and Art by Io Sakisaka Article by Mara Wood My introduction to Blue Spring Ride occurred when Crunchyroll debuted the anime.  From the opening credits scene, I….

Manga Monday: Vampire Knight

Manga Monday: Vampire Knight Story and Art by Matsuri Hino Article by Mara Wood I know, I know. We talked last week about how the vampire trope is overplayed in….

My Love Story!! Vol. 2 Review

My Love Story Vol. 2 Review Story by Kazune Kawahara Art by Aruko Review by Mara Wood Shojo manga is full of tropes. Clumsy, youthful girls always fall in love….

Manga Monday: Dawn of the Arcana

Manga Monday – Dawn of the Arcana Story and Art by Rei Toma Article by Mara Wood Not every shojo manga series starts out with a sweep-you-off-your-feet romance. Many series….

Manga Monday: Arisa

Manga Monday: Arisa Story and Art by Natsumi Ando Article by Mara Wood  One of the best things about shojo manga is its flexibility in what is brings to the….

Manga Monday: DramaCon

Manga Monday: DramaCon Article by Mara Wood Manga is a tricky term to define. On the surface, we understand it to be comic books that originate from Japan. That definition….

Manga Monday: Cardcaptor Sakura

Japanese manga is well known for a particular genre – magical girls, the most prominent of which being Sailor Moon. These stories feature a young girl who gains or discovers….