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August Shojo Manga Recap

My August shojo haul was intense, y’all. So many good installments in some of my favorite series, the ending of one series, and great reprints of some classics. Check out….

Manga Monday: QQ Sweeper

She wants to marry a rich man when she grows up. He wants to clean facilities and eliminate the negative energy that exists in the world. Match made in heaven…..

Manga Monday: Some Thoughts on Nana

If you listened to our show a month ago, you heard the team’s thoughts and impressions of a josei series called Nana. You also heard about the difficulty in selecting….

Manga Monday: Vampire Knight

Manga Monday: Vampire Knight Story and Art by Matsuri Hino Article by Mara Wood I know, I know. We talked last week about how the vampire trope is overplayed in….

Manga Monday: Midnight Secretary

Manga Monday: Midnight Secretary Story and Art by Ohmi Tomu Article by Mara Wood Josei manga is well known for mature stories featuring a female protagonist in a more realistic….

My Love Story!! Vol. 2 Review

My Love Story Vol. 2 Review Story by Kazune Kawahara Art by Aruko Review by Mara Wood Shojo manga is full of tropes. Clumsy, youthful girls always fall in love….

Manga Monday: Happy Marriage?!

Manga Monday: Happy Marriage?! Story and Art by Maki Enjoji Review by Mara Wood I’ve said it over and over again. Manga looks to be consumed by all populations, boys….

Manga Monday: Dawn of the Arcana

Manga Monday – Dawn of the Arcana Story and Art by Rei Toma Article by Mara Wood Not every shojo manga series starts out with a sweep-you-off-your-feet romance. Many series….