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August Shojo Manga Recap

My August shojo haul was intense, y’all. So many good installments in some of my favorite series, the ending of one series, and great reprints of some classics. Check out….

Ten Count Volume 1 Review

Ten Count vol 1 Story and Art by Rihito Takarai Article by Mara Wood I personally have very limited experience with the boys’ love and yaoi side of manga and….

Food Wars Volume 13 Review

Food Wars Volume 13 Story by Yuto Tsukuda Art by Shun Saeki Review by Mara Wood I made the mistake of reading this volume of Food Wars while hungry. Generally, that’s….

My Hero Academia Volume 5 Review

My Hero Academia Volume 5 Story and Art by Kohei Horikoshi Review by Mara Wood Ah, the inevitable sports festival in Japanese manga. High school students banding together as a….

July Shojo Manga Recap

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the romance, drama, fantasy, and friendship that comes with a shojo title. Frankly, I read a lot of new shojo volumes this….

BTOOOM! Volume 14 Review

BTOOOM! Volume 14 Story and Art by Junya Inoue Published by Yen Press Review by Mara Wood Video games are a great medium to escape into. The popularity of violent,….