Jason Kahler is a writer and scholar who lives in Michigan.

His latest work is forthcoming in the book “How to Read and Analyze Comics” from SequArt.

His poem, “After National Geographic,” will soon appear in an issue of Analog magazine.

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Iron Man #1 Review

Writer: Christopher Cantwell Artist: CAFU Color Artist: Frank D'Armata Letters: VC's Joe Caramagna When I was a kid, I faithfully collected each issue of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe

“Avengers” #34 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron Art: Javier Garron Colors: Jason Keith Letters: Cory Petit The Age of Khonshu continues in Avengers #34 as Moon Knight follows the bidding of his god in the hopes of preparing to fight against

Batman #94 Review

Writer: James Tynion IV Artists: Guillem March and Rafael Albuquerque Colors: David Baron Letters: Clayton Cowles The warm-up to Joker War continues as Batman realizes he needs to make some changes to face Joker,

Daredevil #20 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky Artist: Marco Checchetto Colorist: Mattia Iocano Anyone who writes about or follows Daredevil for any amount of time will find themselves saying the same thing before too long: Daredevil's status…

Doctor Aphra #1 Review

Writer: Alyssa Wong Artist: Marika Cresta Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg Letterer: VC's Joe Caramanga Cover: Valentina Remenar Review by Jason Kahler One of the best things to happen to Star Wars in the last few…

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