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Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #523: A Rainbow Colored Middle Finger

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #523: A Rainbow Colored Middle Finger

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Cue up some Taylor Swift and let your pride flag fly because Bronwyn and Chris are crashing the podcast this week! No one will be spared as the hosts of our upcoming Webtoon podcast, Thirsty on Toon, delight and derail us at every turn. Get ready for some Damian Wayne love, Lovecraftian horror, our Hawkeye review, and Hot Pumpkin Daddy.

Books: Snow Angels Vol. 1 & 2, Lore Olympus Vol. 1, Fine Print Vol. 1, Lugosi: Rise and Fall of Hollywood’s Dracula, Miskatonix: Even Death May Die (One-Shot), Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #1, Lunar Room #1, Teenage Mercenary (Webtoon), Your Wings and Mine (Webtoon), 80 Days (Webtoon), Hollow Hearts (Webtoon), Robins #1-2

Other Stuff: Marvel’s Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2, Guardians of the Galaxy (video game)

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