Black Magick #16

Greg Rucka, writer

Nicola Scott, artist

Jodi Wynne, letters

Chiara Arena, colors (assistant)


A lot happens in this book. The issue begins, The Mistress in white goes to confront Rowan, leaving her henchman at the wheel. Leaving the reader wondering, where is this place she is leaving and in what dimension or reality does it exist? The previous issue revealed The Mistress’ greater involvement in Rowan’s earthly life. She turns the heat up on her pursuit  in this issue. 

Meanwhile, Rowan and Nicky sort out their new relationship. It doesn’t feel like a cleaning up of loose ends which gives me hope that there is more to explore in this story for this couple. We see the two testing each other’s perceptions of each other and the connection they are developing. It speaks to the creators that I am invested in the answer to this dance. I want to know where this relationship goes.  

Afterwards, the Mistress meets Rowan after her conversation with Nicky, talk about left hand turns. The two  go on a long motorcycle ride.  The Mistress appears to know more about Rowan’s true powers than the reader has learned in the past 15 issues. A quick observation, page nine, Rowan’s hand pictured on the throttle of the motorcycle, is flawless. The structure and texture of Rowan’s hand is life-like despite being black and white. I would read this issue just for the art and the beautiful way that Nicola Scott depicts the human body. 

Meanwhile, Laurent and Alexandra catch up. He explains his findings and the state of Anne Marie, shocking! Lots of surprises and things coming to a head. He knows that Stepan is up to something. However, there are more questions produced than answers. What type of ceremony is Stepan planning and to what end, and for what purpose?

Another observation, going back to the henchman and their encounter with The Mistress’ partner in the other dimension. Is this Rowan’s evil witch doppelganger who manipulates the henchman?  Can Rowan and her witch essence be operating in two dimensions at the same time?

Back to the story. As previously mentioned, Stepan is pictured facilitating a ceremony.  Now we see Alex involved in a shocking way. At the same time, Nicky appears to be in grave danger as she takes a not so restful nap. Nicola’s expertise at depicting the human body is on full display again as Stepan is pictured standing above Alex. Amazing craftsmanship is all that I can say. 

Finally, back to Rowan. I can’t mention what occurs without a spoiler but what is revealed is what I’ve hoped to see for the past 10 issues: a reveal of her true essence and the scope of her powers. It doesn’t disappoint in that regard. I will say, she has a choice to make: keep her commitment or save the ones she loves. 

My biggest regret is what’s contained in the writer’s notes at the end of the issue. Ugh! Late summer 2021 seems so far away. But it only speaks to how much I love this book! Overall 10/10

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