Fantastic Four #2 Review

Writer: Dan Slott

Pencils: Sara Pichelli with ink assists from Eisabetta D’Amico

Colors: Marte Gracia

Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

the Future Foundation Traveling through the New Marvel Multiverse

Fantastic Four #2 tells the tale of the Richards clan and the Future Foundation as they create and adventure through the new Marvel multiverse. But what begins as a relaxing jaunt through an apparent infinite multiverse, a multiverse of their own making, abruptly goes from a fun filled family field trip to a reality-exploding race to escape the newest threat to the Fantastic Four, the Griever at the End of All Things. From her grim first appearance the Griever is a frightening villain with an imposing look and an equally scary power level it is quickly clear that she is a threat to the Future Foundation and it does not help when Reed Richards response to what they should do is “I don’t know.”

It was so much fun to catch up with Reed, Sue, Franklin, Val, and the rest of the Future Foundation. Absent since Secret Wars it seems that several years have passed for the heroes as the kids of the Future Foundation have morphed into young teens, but their personalities are still intact and I am glad that Slott is not abandoning the concept of the Foundation but rather using it like Hickman and Fraction had during their time with the Fantastic Four. Val is still as pig headed as ever, but now with her own pointed ear rebellious royal admirer. Franklin is still the heart of the family, and nearly broke my heart as he talks about missing his Uncle’s, Ben and Johnny. Reed and Sue are as strong as ever and when the family and foundation seem to be at the end of the road, leave it to Reed to figure a way out of the situation and a final page that reinforces the meaning of Family when it comes to Marvel’s First Family. Fantastic Four #2 continues the greatness that began with the utterly amazing Fantastic Four #1. Where the first issue focused on Johnny and Ben as they dealt with the loss of their family the second issue tells the tale of the rest of the Fantastic Four and the adventures they’ve had for years and their eventual crisis that brings about what can only be a spectacular issue #3.

The Newest Big-Bad, the Griever At the End of All Things

Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli continue to be the perfect choices for the Fantastic Four relaunch. Slott’s style, a mixture of modern and retro, is exactly what I wanted for this book and it is obvious by the sales numbers for issue number one that I was not alone in that want. Sara Pichelli’s artwork is beautiful. She has a lot of fun with the different world’s and universes at play in this issue and her rendering of the now pre-teen and teenaged Future Foundation members is realistic and actually look like the age they are now supposed to be. Pichelli’s faces are also so expressive and her super-heroic and science fiction action is dynamic and fun. This creative team was a stellar choice for the return of the Fantastic Four and I’m hoping for a long and epic run.

Verdict: Marvel has done an outstanding job with the return of the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine and Fantastic Four #2 continues with this excellent relaunch. Do yourself a favor and get on board with this series since it is only getting started and greatness is ahead

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