Thor #1 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artists: Mike Del Mundo & Christian Ward

Color Assists: Marco D’Alfonso

Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

The God of Thunder has been Reborn in the pages of Thor #1 and just like its previous volumes it is incredible. Jason Aaron has done it once again, he has relaunched Thor in a brand new series that is both different but thematically tied to everything that has come before it, going back to his first take on the Odinson all the way back  in Thor: God of Thunder #1. Over the course of his run Aaron has continued to define and redefine what it means to be the God of Thunder and he does it once again with this no doubt soon to be epic volume.

It’s the F’ing Juggernaut

Thor #1 finds Thor still unworthy but on the path to redemption and maybe eventually worthiness (which will be hard to do since Mjolnir has been lost in the heart of the sun). Yet with the sacrifice of Jane Foster someone needed to step up and fill the void left by her absence so why not Thor Odinson. Life for Thor and the Asgardians has shifted since we last saw them. Asgardia has been destroyed, Odin has returned to old Asgard while his subjects and refugees have taken residence on Midgard, in of all things an old brownstone thanks to Rose Solomon. Also with the destruction of Asgardia Odin’s Weapon’s Vault was destroyed and its treasure has been flung across Midgard and it has fallen on Thor to retrieve them. This is the core of the issue as Aaron opens with a scene reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark, with Thor on the run from the death cult of Cyttorak and anyone who knows their Marvel history knows who the avatar of Cyttorak is (It’s the Juggernaut), which leads to an awesome throw down. The fight also introduces us to Thor’s new gimmick and that is rather than one hammer he has hundreds, each for a different need. I don’t want to spoil the ending of the issue but once you reach Thor’s houseboat I couldn’t stop smiling and the cliffhanger was epic. The Next issue can’t come soon enough.

Yep, That’s a Space Shark

As good as the first story was the best aspect of Thor #1 is that we again spend time with the Thor of the far future and the Thunder Goddesses as they protect new Midgard. Although a short story it was both a fun tale with Space Sharks and an emotional punch to the gut as Thor loses not only a friend but also has fears of the universe as a whole. I’m glad Aaron is revisiting this time in Thor’s life and look forward to more co-feature’s, especially with the way this story left off. Two great cliffhangers in one book? That doesn’t happen to often but this is a Jason Aaron Thor book and I would expect nothing less.

Thor #1 is another great issue in a long line of great Thor issues. Jason Aaron may be Marvel’sbest writer at the moment and his Thor run will go down as one of the greatest in the Thunder God’s history. But the story isn’t just fantastic, so is the artwork. Both Mike Del Mundo and Christian Ward turn in top-notch work with so much depth and detail. Del Mundo’s work is rich and looks like a beautiful painting with his fine color work. Christian Ward’s cosmic tale is fitting to his style and his old Thor is perfect. I cannot wait to see what these two fine artists do on this volume of Thor.

Verdict:Thor #1is a great continuation of the Thor tale Jason Aaron has been telling for the last four years. It has breathtaking art and two wonderful stories and a Buyfor any fan of Thor or anyone interested in great comics


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