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Issue #305: The Mighty War of Jokes, Thors & Motor Girls

Issue #305: The Mighty War of Jokes, Thors & Motor Girls

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Welcome to this week’s issue of the Talking Comics Podcast! This time out, Bob, Jessica, Bronwyn and Steve dive headlong into an ocean of comics, incuding Batman with an update on The War of Jokes and Riddles! Additionally, Bob speaks of the wonderful chemistry between Diana Prince and Conan the Barbarian for Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman/Conan #1. Shortly there after, Steve shuts his love for The Mighty Thor from the highest mountain top in all of Asgardia and Bronwyn revs her engine for Terry Moore’s Motor Girl!

Also on this week’s podcat, the crew answers a series of listner questions that touch on everything from their favorite music to listen to while reading comics to fantasy comimc-to film adaptations and soundtracks! In short, the group gets their groove on and then some!


(Bob here; Speaking of grooves, I want to play DJ for a minute and hip you to a tune that I mentioned on the show that I think expresses wonderfully my feelings about our show and my co-hosts (past and present), our network of contributors, and of course our bond with you great folks out there. It also certainly speaks to the group singing it, as they were together without a change for more than 40 years, so without further ado, here are The Four Tops with “Indestructible” [embedvideo id=”adsD503UmQc” website=”youtube”]”


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