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Mister Miracle #1 Review

Mister Miracle #1 Review

Tom King is the writer

Mitch Gerads supplied the art

Clayton Cowles made the colors

and this review is by Jason Kahler


Creators Tom King and Mitch Gerads play chess while almost everyone else plays checkers. They tell stories with a language of their own that retains enough familiarity for readers to follow along. Mister Miracle is a wonder of story-telling. I recently wrote a review that declared this team’s Batman #23 the future winner of all the awards, but there’s a good chance they could beat themselves with Mister Miracle #1.

Fans of the pair’s work on Marvel’s excellent Vision series, or of King’s recent run on DC’s Batman, will recognize the style and flavor of this book very quickly. They don’t break ground anymore, because we’ve seen these guys do this already, but they keep making comics that expand how we can tell stories within the format.

This first issue contains a lot of history, but very little exposition. Readers who are unfamiliar with Mister Miracle’s recent or distant past might do well to embark on some minor research. Understanding how Miracle fits into the pantheon of Jack Kirby’s New Gods gives the story added heft. I have a passing knowledge of Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Orion, and motherboxes, and didn’t feel lost along the way.

This is not the Mister Miracle you’re used to, but it’s not a completely new Mister Miracle, either. Or is it? We aren’t supposed to know completely, as the issue weaves in and out of dream and hallucination, mediation and experience.

The book leaves me with so many unanswered questions, but I don’t feel cheated. I worry that the depiction of suicide will be a struggle for some readers, so approach the book with caution.

But do approach the book.


Buy. Twice.

Jason Kahler is a writer and scholar who lives in Michigan. His latest work is forthcoming in the book "How to Read and Analyze Comics" from SequArt. His poem, "After National Geographic," will soon appear in an issue of Analog…

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