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‘Supergirl S02E18: Ace Reporter’ Review

Supergirl arrives at the DEO to find there’s nothing to do, so she goes back to her apartment to do some baking. Lena shows up and asks Kara to tag along so she doesn’t have to face her ex alone. It’s nice to see them hanging out as friends, even if it’ll be some amount of work for Kara as a reporter for her own website. Kara is then approached by a man and told to meet him later that night for information on Jack.

The first action of the episode comes when Guardian is fighting some street level criminals. Lyra wants to fight along side him and he reluctantly agrees. It feels unnecessary to be adding more people to the team, though. I’d much rather see more of J’onn than someone teaming up with Guardian. Later, Winn confronts Lyra about going a little overboard. He mentions that the team should just stay him and James and she doesn’t take it too well.

Supergirl Ace Reporter
Photo Credit: The CW

Kara meets with Joe, an ex-employee of Jack’s at their set time and place. The nano swarm attack his car and it explodes with Kara escaping while on fire. She goes to see James for some help, but Snapper walks in and interrupts. He’s still as unpleasant as ever towards Kara, but it works. Kara follows him to the lead he has and it doesn’t end so well. She saves Snapper, but is unable to save the source. It seems everyone involved is at risk of dying at this point.

Lena and Jack clearly have chemistry, which Kara and Mon-El notice first hand when they crash their dinner. Their interactions throughout the episode show the heartbreak between the two and how those feelings are still there. Kara and Mon-El do some snooping around, and Jack returns to his office. Lena is clueless about who he really is and Kara is the only one who can fix that. Lena jumps to his defense when Kara confronts her, but after seeing the video she wants to confront him.

Kara confronts Snapper Carr this episode, too. She apologizes for going off book and posting an article on her own. She decides to share information with Snapper. It’s a treat to see them get their journalism on together, even if it’s briefly. It’s also nice to see an episode that focuses a lot more on this side of Kara.

Lena ignores Kara’s suggestion to stay away from Jack. He denies everything and she realizes she’s telling the truth. His co-worker is the one behind it all and she controls the nano swarm. She wants to control Lena instead of kill her. Supergirl naturally shows up on time, but the nano swarm is taking her over. Lena chooses Supergirl over Jack and does the override, which kills him.

Supergirl Ace Reporter
Photo Credit: The CW

This episode is an excellent one for Lena. This is the most we’ve seen outside of her family matters. Her and Kara’s friendship is turning into something great. They have a touching moment towards the end of the episode and I’m looking forward to more of Lena in this series.

The end of the episode is actually full of some honest conversations. James and Winn have one as James lets Lyra join back up. Snapper and Kara have a moment when he adds her name to the byline. She now has her job back and we see why the episode title is “Ace Reporter.”

The shocking moment of the episode is when Rhea walks in and tells Lena she has a business proposition. We know Mon-El’s mother already said she’s not done with Earth, I just didn’t think she’d be back this soon.

The Good

  • Great friendship moments with Kara and Lena
  • A little break from the DEO gave more time for the journalism side

The Bad

  • Do we really need another hero in Lyra?

Favorite Lines

“So I have my job back?” – Kara

“Unless you’re thinking of starting a food truck.” Snapper takes a bite of her baking and adds, “Don’t start a food truck.”

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