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Titans #10 Review

Titans #10

Writer: Dan Abnett

Penciler: Brett Booth

Inker: Norm Rapmund

Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse

Letterer: Josh Reed

Titans #10 concludes the three part Made in Manhattan storyline that both returned the Titans to New York and a new Titans Tower as well as brought back some of the Titans oldest advisories, the Fearsome Five. Just like previous issues this issue is full of fun character moments, tense action, and a wonderful feeling of family that has been missing in a Titans book for some time.

One of the first issues of the New Teen Titans I read was #3 all the back in 1981 but that issue stuck with me as it introduced the Fearsome Five and ever since that issue I have enjoyed them as antagonists throughout the DC universe. Although they have reformed and changed membership over the years they still bring back fond memories of my reading comics as a youth and I’m glad that they are back and dangerous. Over the past few issues the Fearsome Five have been posing as legitimate businessmen who offer the service of removing meta powers from those who no longer want them as well as assisting those new to powers who want to learn how to control them, like the new Bumblebee (or old Bumblebee, DC continuity is still a bit of a head scratcher). As we learned last issue this was all a fraud and the Fearsome Five are actually stealing powers and selling them to the highest bidder and the Titans are aiming to stop them.

Titans #10 is a lot of fun as two classic teams come into conflict once again. Every hero gets his or her moment in the sun. Tempest goes blow for blow with Mammoth while Omen and Psimon have a psychic knock down drag out. Arsenal and Donna Troy mix it up with Shimmer and Jinx as they attempt to free Nightwing and the Flash after their capture last issue. The highlight of the issue though is the new Bumblebee, who is far more powerful then her previous incarnations and plays a deciding factor in this conflict. I had a smile on my face for the entire issue, as it was an excellent payoff to a wonderful arc.

Dan Abnett is doing some of his finest writing on Titans. Over this run and the Titans Hunt that preceded it he has really found the voices of these heroes as well as creating the wonderful family vibe that was present in the Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titans thirty years ago. Brett Booth has even grown on me. I’ve never been a huge fan of his work as it always seemed a combination of Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee but I am enjoying his work on the Titans so far. It took a few issues but he’s really gotten the characters down and drew some excellent spreads and splash pages in this issue. For a book I picked up on a whim as I loved what the New Teen Titans was in the ‘80s the Titans has become on of my favorite DC Rebirth titles.

Verdict: Buy. Titans has become a must read title as Dan Abnett is writing a compelling and fun title while Brett Booth is really coming into his own on this title and doing some of the best work of his long career.

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