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‘The Flash S03E12: Untouchable’ Review

The Flash opens with a fun race between Barry and Wally, even if it’s meant for a serious reason. Barry is determined for Wally to get faster so that he ultimately saves Iris from Savitar. This episode also introduces a new meta who turns everything he touches into ash. It gives the team a good challenge since they can’t just grab him and get him off of the street. The only downfall is that Iris needs saving yet again despite the fact that these last few episodes were all about saving her in the future. That aside, this episode has some good moments.

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Clive Yorkin proves to be one of the hardest metas they’ve faced in a while. He’s another meta from Flashpoint and he’s out for blood. He’s targeting the cops who put him away in that reality and one of them happens to be Joe. He shows up during a family gathering at Jitters so everyone can meet Cecile’s daughter, Joanie. It’s safe to say that Yorkin is a big party crasher here. Barry gives Wally the chance to save the day by subtly guiding him through what to do. It’s one of a few lessons in this episode.

Wally’s progress is a big focus in this episode, too. We see him trying to learn how to phase and he just keeps crashing into the wall. It’s also why he loses that race to start the episode. The lessons provide for some nice moments between Barry and Wally. Barry understands that he needs to be a better teacher for this to work, and in the end, he makes it work. Wally ultimately phases through Yorkin to neutralize his powers with his speedster blood.

The acting from both Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin is outstanding. Both actors emote so well when it comes to Iris being in trouble. When Iris decides to tell Joe about her future death, Martin plays the upset dad role so well. He has it down to a tee. Gustin’s best moments come when he’s talking to Wally about how it’s not his fault that Yorkin got to Iris and when he’s concerned about Iris at her bedside.

Overall, this was a solid episode from the meta standpoint and with Wally working on his powers more. I still wish that they wouldn’t continue to make Iris the damsel in distress in one way or another.


  • Great meta to get a team effort out of everyone, including Julian
  • Iris has more to do, but needs saving again
  • There are nice moments between Wally and Barry

Favorite Line

  • “Run, Wally, Run!” (Who doesn’t like a good pop culture reference?)

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