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‘The Flash S03E04: The New Rogues’ Review

Spoilers ahead!

This week on The Flash we finally get some more rogues action. On top of a brief appearance from Leonard Snart, we get two newbies in Mirror Master and Top. Our first look at them is with the flashback to the day the particle accelerator explodes. Sam Scudder (Mirror Master) and Rosalind Dillon (Top) are part of Snart’s crew at the time. Scudder spends three years in the mirror until some workers stand it up and he’s able to get out.

So begins the theme for this episode: Mirror Master traveling around to find Snart and cause trouble. He keeps asking around for Snart, until he breaks Top out of Iron Heights and she tells him that he is gone. Mirror Master then decides that committing a robbery is a better fit for his time. The two want to take over the city.

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Meanwhile, Barry and Jesse continue training and he makes a joke about becoming Oliver when their session is over. Barry and Iris get some quality time together, or so they think, until Joe comes home early. It makes for a hilariously awkward situation, which Barry just continues to make worse throughout the episode.

Cisco, Caitlin, and Harry send out a message to find another Wells who can fill in while Harry is back on his Earth. This group gets a lot of screen time together this episode and it’s charming even when they’re in a serious situation. Cisco and Wells even get in a little naming war over Mirror Master and Top. With two rogue newbies, we get a brief reprieve from Alchemy, who is only gets a mention by name in this episode.

Top shows Mirror Master her powers this episode, which visual effects team does well. It’s not to the extent of something like the world bending we see in the Doctor Strange previews, but for The CW, it’s more than sufficient.

There’s a lot happening in this episode, but it keeps the pace up so it feels like there aren’t any dull moments. Cisco, Caitlin, and Harry get more screen time when they receive replies from four different Harrisons. One is a cowboy, who appears drunk, the second mentions Terra Prime and is immediately out, the third is a mime, and the fourth seems fairly normal. Cisco and Caitlin like the fourth Wells, but Harry dismisses him. Later in the episode, he gives in and that Wells arrives before he and Jesse leave.

The Flash and Jesse Quick head out to stop Mirror Master and Top in the midst of Iris calling out Barry and Joe for being so awkward while her and Barry are together. It’s a timely call, but it goes wrong when Jesse is caught off guard by Top and needs saving. Mirror Master then tosses The Flash into a mirror and he’s stuck there. While he’s in the mirror, everything he says is backwards, but naturally Cisco has a gadget for that. This is also the first time we see Caitlin use her powers when everyone else leaves the room.

The Flash -- "The New Rouges" -- Image FLA304b_0235b.jpg -- Pictured: Violett Beane as Jesse Quick -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Long story short, they get the bad guys. However, that’s not the important part of this episode. We get character development with Jesse since she now has a mistake she can learn from. Wally also learns to not be scared of being with Jesse just because of the whole living on different Earths situation. Barry and Iris get more quality time together and it just really feels like the writers are developing these relationships well.

On top of the relationships, Caitlin looks like she’ll be factoring into the episodes more than ever now. She has powers, but no one knows. It’s probably safe to assume that won’t be the case for long since she gets blue lips and a white streak to match the previous timeline’s Killer Frost.


  • Character and relationship development has been great.
  • New villains not tied to Alchemy.
  • Can we trust the new Harrison Wells?

Favorite Lines

  • “Good looking guy… for a criminal.” – Caitlin says about Mirror Master.
  • “No touching!” – Harry yells to Jesse as she grabs Wally’s hand to leave the lab.
  • “Do these pants make my butt look big?” – Iris asks Barry as he’s stuck in the mirror.

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