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The TALKING COMICS Pull List – September 28th, 2016


Every Wednesday, the Talking Comics collective will post a mega-list of the comics they’re most excited to pull off the shelves that week. With the wide range of personal tastes on our staff here, you know there’s bound to be something worth sampling come New Comic Book Day!!!

Then, check back here on Sunday to see if the comics on the Pull List met the team’s expectations with reviews and quippy quotables!!!


This week’s contributors:

And lovingly edited by Joey Braccino (@joeybraccino)

New Comic Book Day – September 28th, 2016



stl013774Tomboy #8 – By Mia Goodwin

  • This book is at the top of my buy list every time, and Goodwin never fails to knock it out the park. Bring it on, I can’t get enough of this crazy world Goodwin has crafted. – Lorna.


Josie and the Pussycats #1 – By Marguerite Bennett & Cameron Deordio and Audrey Mok


Kim & Kim #3 – By Magdalene Visaggio & Eva Cabrera


Backstagers #2 – By James Tynion IV & Rian Sygh stl016304

  • Guys. Did you read issue #1? Like, this is one of the best books ever made. CHECK IT OUT! THEATRE + COMICS!!! Yasssssss! – Joey

Jonesy Volume 1 – By Sam Humphries & Caitlin Rose Boyle


Tarzan On The Planet of the Apes #1 – By Tim Seeley and David Walker 

  • I read this as an advance copy, but going into it I was intrigued by the premise of combining these classic franchises.  Combining previously stand-alone stories doesn’t always work out, but the creative team is promising. –Max

[Editor’s Note: Check out Max’s advance review by clicking here!!!]


stl016910Batgirl #3 — By Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque

  • More people should be reading this series.  It’s a joy to watch Barbara operating outside of Gotham, and struggling with the challenges that come with being 20-ish.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the story progresses.  –Max

Batman Beyond REBIRTH – By Dan Jurgens & Ryan Sook

  • I have actually never read an issue of Batman Beyond before. So, I am checking this out and going in with no expectations! Nathan

Blue Beetle #1 – By Keith Giffen & Scott Kolins stl017014

  • The rebirth issue was middling, but it gave me Ted Kord back in all his glory. So I have to give this series a decent shot, let’s hope it turns into something great. – Lorna.
  • I enjoyed the first issue a little more than Lorna, but agree that I hope this turns into something great and it has been hard to judge these books based on the Rebirth issues. This has a chance to be a lot of fun. Nathan

Deathstroke #3 — By Christopher Priest and Joe Bennett

  • This storyline is on the fence for me.  So far, the art is carrying the series.  It’s damn good.  I hope the story in this issue is good enough to warrant me staying with it. –Max

stl016929Detective Comics #941 (MONSTER MEN PART 3) – By James Tynion IV and Steve Orlando 

  • I’m going to continue on with the monster story, especially with October/Halloween on it’s way. Hugo Strange is an intriguing character and I want to see how this one plays out. – Deanna
  • I agree with Deanna. This event hasn’t yet blown me away but it has me curious enough to pick up all the issues. – Lorna.
  • The cross-over had me passing on this one, but after hearing my colleagues speaking about it on the show, and now discovering Hugo Strange is involved…Bob
  • Same as Lorna and Deanna on this. I enjoyed the first couple of issues but I was not fully satisfied. This might be a case of my expectations were so high going in. I’m on board the whole way though. Nathan

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 5 — By Robert Vinditti and Ethan Van Scriver stl016952

  • For my money, this is the most underrated post-Rebirth DC series.  Van Scriver’s art is among the best I’ve seen on a Green Lantern story; it really reminds me of Ivan Reis’s work on Blackest Night.  The art is the jewel of the series but the story is pretty intriguing as well.  –Max

Suicide Squad #3 – By Rob Williams & Jim Lee

  • Suicide Squad has been that bi-monthly palate cleanser we all need when dealing with the grim world that super heroics can oftentimes devolve into. Last issue introduced a super surprise villain into the mix and I’m curious to see how the team handles this new threat. No spoilers here but it should be a doozy. –John D.
  • John’s description is right on. This book is just pure chaos and enjoyment every time. My only complaint is we usually only get 13 pages and then a backup, but if the 13 pages are as good as the last issue…..Nathan
  • I’m with Nathan all the way.  The first half of last issue was fantastic, especially with the super villain reveal at the end.  It’s a pump-your-fist-in-the-air moment.  Playing devil’s advocate, however, I think it’s great for newer readers that we get half-issue vignettes for each squad member. –Max

stl017270Teen Titans REBIRTH – By Ben Percy & Jonboy Meyers

  • Teen Titans has always been a series I’ve wanted to love but haven’t found a run worth sticking with since the New 52 began. Now that it’s being relaunched yet again and with Damien as the leader of the team no less, there’s no reason not to pick up at least the first couple of issues.–John D.
  • John and I are totally on the same page. I’ve been waiting for the run that would turn me into a Teen Titans fan. I am excited to give this a shot and I hope to get hooked. – Jesse
  • Not being super familiar with the Teen Titans is what will make me pick up this title this week. I’ve been enjoying the Titans characters and hope I’ll like these ones just as much. Damien as a leader sounds like something that can either go very well or go very wrong. I look forward to finding out which it is.  – Deanna
  • I have always been a Teen Titans fan and it has always been a palate cleanser for me. However, what we got from New 52 never left me fully satisfied. I hope Percy nails this and I am really excited to see Damian fit into this dynamic. Nathan

Titans #3 — By Dan Abnett and Brett Booth 

  • Hot take, comin’ atcha — this is the best post-Rebirth DC series not named Superman or Wonder Woman.  It’s also a much younger series, since it’s a monthly.  Aside from villain who feels like he’s stuck in a time capsule, I’m enjoying everything about this run. –Max

Wonder Woman #7 – By Greg Rucka & Liam Sharp stl017003

  • Rucka’s Double-Feature-Diana-Epic has made for an incredible story. As we’ve moved forward, the two arcs have begun to intertwine. With Steve in danger, we should definitely see some action in this issue. Honestly, I can’t wait to see where we go from here. – Jesse
  • This is still one of my favorite titles from DC right now. The two different storylines keep it interesting and like Jesse, I can’t wait to see where this goes. Both stories have been great. – Deanna
  • It’s hard to imagine this run becoming anything other than a classic.  It’s not too late to get on board if you’re not yet reading this gorgeous and affecting run.  –Max
  • This issue is going to be intense! Nathan


MASK Revolution #stl017733

Micronauts Revolution #1

Star Trek Waypoint #1 – Donny Cates & Sandra Lanz and Mack Chater


Deadly Class #22 – Rick Remender & Wesley Craig (New Story Arc)

Wayward #16 – By Jim Zub & Steven Cummings

Surgeon X #1 – By Sara Kenney & John Watkiss

  • I’m going into this one not knowing anything at all about it. I’ve been reading a lot of DC lately and felt that a new #1 from Image would be a good break in pace. Looking forward to seeing what this is all about. – Deanna

ODY-C #11 – By Matt Fraction & Christian Ward (New Story Arc)

stl017598From Under the Mountains TPB – Claire Gibson & Marian Churchland and Sloane Leong

Snotgirl #3 – By Bryan Lee O’Malley & Leslie Hung

  • I never thought I would be anxiously awaiting a comic called Snotgirl but come on, I need this issue already. What started as a sort of Mean-Girls-esque examination of online fame has turned itself into a sort of murder mystery that our main character is desperately attempting to avoid. I have no earthly idea where this series is heading and I can’t wait to find out. –John D.


Deadpool #1 Annual — By Gerry Duggan &a Brian Posehn

  • I’ve never read Deadpool outside of collecting trades.  I’ve enjoyed Duggan’s work on the merc in the past, so I couldn’t be more excited if I had a mouthful of chimichangas. –Max


  • Frostbite #1 (of 6) – By Joshua Williamson & Jason Shawn Alexander


And that’s our Pull List for this week!!! If you happen to pick up any of these books, please join the conversation here or on twitter and let us know what you think! As we update the site with reviews and verdicts on these comics, we’d love to include your input!


Joey Braccino took his BA in English and turned it into an Ed.M. in English Education. Currently, he brings comics back in a big way all day every day to the classroom. In addition to proselytizing the good word of comics to this nation’s under-aged…

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