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The TALKING COMICS Review Round-Up – September 18th, 2016

The TALKING COMICS Review Round-Up

Every week, the Talking Comics collective posts a mega-list of the comics they’re most excited to pull off the shelves that week. Check back here to see if the comics on the Pull List met the team’s expectations with reviews and quippy quotables!!! Click the links to go to full reviews and reflections!!!

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This week’s contributors:

And lovingly edited by Joey Braccino (@joeybraccino)

New Comic Book Day – September 14, 2016



Animosity #2- By Marguerite Bennett & Rafael De LaTorre

  • Buy! This book continues to be as bananas in the second issue as it was in the first. From the first issue, we see glimpses of the state of the world and in Jesse’s family over the course of the next year after the awakening. This book is beautiful and Bennett is a mad genius. If you haven’t read this yet, you definitely should. You can check out my review of the first issue here. – Nathan


Black Mask Studios
The Forevers #1

The Forevers #1 – By Curt Pires & Eric Pfeifer

  • Buy! I’ve never read a Black Mask Studios book before and I’m glad The Forevers #1 was my first foray into the publisher because it makes me definitely want to check out more of this publisher’s lineup. While the solicitations for The Forevers promises a much more supernatural-driven science-fiction murder mystery, this first issue is definitely more character drama with a bit of a thriller bent tossed in toward the end. For me this makes it an entirely more compelling read because now I know exactly who at least two of the characters are and I can’t wait to learn more about the rest of this eclectic crew.–John D.

[Editor’s Note: Check out John’s full review here!!!]


TOIL & TROUBLE (graphic novel) – Mairghread Scott & Kelly Matthews stl010269

  • Depends. It’s not perfect, but it’s enjoyable if you appreciate fantasy based drama or are interested in seeing a comic book adaptation of a Shakespeare play. It’s a complete series that tackles issues concerning Fate/Free Will, family, war, culture, and redemption using a story written hundreds of years ago. The love for Shakespeare is most certainly there by writer Scott and artists Matthews and Matthews. It can be felt throughout the series and despite its idiosyncrasies, it captures the spirit of the towering reputation of its source material. – Hernan

[Editor’s Note: For Hernan’s full review, click here!!!]


briggs-land-2Briggs Land #2 – By Brian Wood & Mack Chater

  • Strong buy.  I’m really enjoying this new socio-political series.  The art and writing perfectly compliment the world that Brian Wood and Mack Chater are creating.  Can’t recommend Briggs Land highly enough to people who enjoy real-world societal problems and consequences in their comics. –Max

[Editor’s Note: For Max’s full review, click here!!!]

Lady Killer 2 #2 – By Joelle Jones stl016008

  • BUY!–Trust me on this one, ‘cause I can’t say too much without spoiling some good stuff, but you’re going to want to see Josie Schuller play Bingo.–Bob
  • Buy – Seriously, trust Bob. This second issue will make you fall even more in love with this series. Josie Schuller is a fantastic character that I can’t get enough of – Jesse


Action Comics #963 – By Dan Jurgens & Patrick Zircher (New Story Arc)

  • Wait and See. For a start of a story arc the story itself didn’t progress enough. I mean it’s a two issue arc, and the only new information is Clark Kent’s side of the story. Which wasn’t explored much or proven to be true. Zircher’s pencils as always hit the mark, but the comic left me feeling indifferent, and seriously considering dropping it. – Lorna

stl016900All-Star Batman #2 – By Scott Snyder, John Romita, Jr & Declan Shalvey.

  • Ugggghhh I mean, Buy, but really DC? Five bucks? Scott Snyder continues to display his uncanny command over Bruce Wayne and his world by presenting us with a story that is as narratively and thematically distinct from his prior work on the character as it is similarly compelling. John Romita Jr. is John Romita Jr., and continues to do what he always does as well as he always does it (Personally, Declan Shalvey’s work in the backup is more of a draw, but high quality across the board). Colors by Dean White (main) and Jordie Belaire (backup) effectively bolster the frantically dynamic quality of an already action packed story. I hate to say it’s worth every penny, but… —Nate M.
  • Buy. As the only book that is higher than the $2.99 price point, I will gladly pay a little more for this monthly book that continues to move forward at breakneck pace. I love that we are getting at least five villains making an appearance per book, with a lot of love for the B and C players. Romita’s art takes some getting used to as the faces have a distinct style that I don’t love, but it does seem to fit this book very well. – Nathan

Deathstroke #2 – By Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan stl016925

  • Wait and see.  I’m implementing a rule for myself that I’m going to grant each series the Rebirth and three additional issues before I decide to axe them.  I really, really want to like Deathstroke.  The anticipation around the character is only mounting with the recent announcement that he will play a significant role in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film.  That aside, the story jumps all over the place and doesn’t seem to have a discernible nucleus.  I’m on board for one more issue, but it has to be a marked improvement or I’m going to have to let it go.  –Max  
  • Buy?: I could not be more fully on board with this series, but also recognize that to be largely the product of a very personal love of Chris Priest and his particular aesthetic. If you liked his Black Panther run from back in the day, this is probably in your lane. It’s also just as plausible that non-linear narrative and chronically incomplete plot development and layers upon layers of black humor aren’t your particular brand of rabbit hole, in which case it’s probably best to steer clear. —Nate M.
DC Comics
Detective Comics #940

Detective Comics #940By James Tynion IV & Eddy Barrows (End of First Arc)

  • James Tynion IV and Eddy Barrows for President. Which is to say Buy. Heart-wrenching without ruining your day. Gorgeous from cover to cover. Nail-On-The-Head characterizations across the board. Hints at a bigger picture beyond the Batfamily? Between this and All-Star Batman, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy until Tom King inevitably kicks the main title into high gear. —Nate M.
  • I like Nate’s description of “heart-wrenching without ruining your day.” This issue was amazing and stirred up a lot of emotions to say the least. My call from earlier in the week didn’t happen and I am not sure if that makes me happy or disappointed. Tynion is gold, the book is beautiful, and and can’t wait to see what happens next. – Nathan
  • Buy – I agree with all of the statements above. I also want to point out that Tynion is showing us a side of Batman we haven’t seen since before the New 52. He loves his proteges, a fact which is heartbreakingly obvious in this issue. – Jesse

DOOM PATROL #1 – By Gerard Way & Nick Derington 

Dc Comics
Doom Patrol #1
  • Check It Out. I like weird but parts of Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol are a bit too weird for me. Maybe it’s having a lack of history with these characters but to me there isn’t a lot of cohesion to this first issue. It’s a lot of non-sequiturs and character interactions that are quite puzzling to comprehend. That all being said, I recommend everyone checking out at least the first issue because it is something so different from what DC is putting out right now. Although I guess the whole “$2.99 for every title” thing doesn’t apply here? Weird. This is definitely a book that would benefit from that price point. –John D.
  • Check it Out – Doom Patrol is one of those comic book phrases that I’d heard but knew nothing about. After reading this first issue, I am still not sure that I know anything but I am definitely along for the ride. With the introduction of this new imprint DC is making some bold moves. I am looking forward to what’s next – Jesse

stl017261Gotham Academy: Second Semester #1 – By Brandon Fletcher & Adam Archer

  • Buy. Olive being without her team is the main focus of this issue. That’s a reality she has to deal with and it makes sense that we get to see it. There’s a new player thrown into the mix and it will be interesting to see how that goes over with Maps. This is already a fun story that brings about a certain mystery. We might not know what it is yet and that’s worth looking forward to. With the whole group back, the next issue will hopefully answer any questions from this issue. – Deanna

[Editor’s Note: For Deanna’s full review, click here!!!]

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #4 – By Robert Venditti and Ethan Van Scriver

  • Buy.  I think that this is one of the more underappreciated post-Rebirth stories on the stands.  The art is consistently great, and this run already has several iconic splash pages to boast about.  Sinestro is cold and calculating, and therefore incredibly menacing.  While this issue doesn’t center around Hal Jordan as much as previous ones, it’s still wholly interesting.  I’m enjoying the mounting tension with each new installment.  –Max

New Super-Man #3 – By Gene Luen Yang & Richard Friend and Viktor Bogdanovic 


  • Buy. I’m continue to be impressed with how Gene Luen Yang is gradually turning the abrasive Kenan Kong into somewhat of a hero while still keeping his immature banter with his fellow Justice League of China Members entertaining. There’s a lot of conspiracies and shadowy organizations stacking up in the plot, too, which has me intrigued. Not to mention the arrival of a new team at the end has me curious enough to see what role they will play that I’ll definitely be checking out next month’s installment. –John D.
Red Hood and the Outlaws #2
Red Hood and the Outlaws #2

Red Hood and the Outlaws #2 – By Scott Lobdell and Dexter Soy

  • Wait and see.  The art is very good throughout this issue.  Scott Lobdell does provide some strong writing morsels.  However, the story is a little muddy, and doesn’t really draw you in until the end of the issue.  I’m going to pick up the next issue, but if it isn’t a marked improvement I’m going to have to cut this from my pull list.  –Max

[Editor’s Note: Check out Max’s full review here!!!]

  • Wait and see. I am giving this book one more chance as we have yet to see Bizarro on this team. He is the X-Factor. Bizarro could make this book amazing or make it terrible. This issue had its moments, but was ultimately a little flat. I will give it one more shot. – Nathan

Suicide Squad #2 – By Rob Williams and Jim Lee 

DC Comics
Suicide Squad #2
  • Buy. Is Suicide Squad the most poignant comic on the stands? No, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun already. Between all the personalities and the surrounding mystery of the team’s first mission (not to mention that last splash page!), there’s a lot of enjoy here. Once again the issue is cut short by an unnecessary backup story but when that story is a James Bond-like retelling of Captain Boomerang’s origin, all is kind of forgiven, mate. –John D.
  • Check it out.  Like John said, this isn’t the comic book equivalent of The Divine Comedy.  However, it’s also a fun ride.  I was on the fence until the last two pages of the proper story.  Also, Rob Williams took a significant risk with this issue, something that too few comics are doing nowadays.  It looks like each issue of Suicide Squad will be split between telling the actual story and providing a vignette of one of the Squad members.  In this way, the story might read better as a trade.  However, I’m willing to ride this out on an issue-to-issue basis until the end of this story arc. –Max
  • Buy – To me this was a very fun ride that has me very excited for what comes next. I also respect a certain decision that was made because I didn’t think they would do it. My only issue with this is that it was again 13 pages with another character one shot. As long as the 13 pages is very high quality I am good, but if it slips I will be very annoyed. – Nathan
DC Comics
Superwoman #2

Superwoman #2 – By Phil Jimenez

  • Buy? I’m still working through my thoughts on this one but needless to say I’m not as high on it as I was that explosive first issue. There’s a lot of pieces being placed on the board here by Phil Jimenez and whether or not all of them will work out cohesively is left to be seen. The mystery surrounding Lois Lane’s death from last issue is still at the forefront but I feel like it’s going to be pushed further and further out by some upcoming… family drama that may or may not be enough to keep me on board with this one. –John D.
  • Pass? As is John, I’m very conflicted about this series, as I feel that I’ve experienced the old “bait-and-switch”, having been promised one series and gotten another. Despite my love for Mr. Jimenez’s work on Wonder Woman, I may be out.–Bob

Wonder Woman #6 – By Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott 

Wonder Woman #6
Wonder Woman #6
  • Are you not already buying? You should really be buying. Rucka and Scott continue to appease formerly resentful Black Magik fans by using their hiatus from that Image title to produce a definitive take on everyone’s favorite Amazonian ambassador to Man’s World.  — Nate M.
  • BUY! (Since I always talk about this series, you know that I feel the same as Nate,so instead of me chattering on about it, here’s a fun fact: did you know that the cheetah is the only living member of the genus Acionyx?) — Bob
  • Buy.  What’s left to say?  This is one of the best series running.  If someone says it’s THE best, it’s hard to argue that point.  –Max
  • Buy. Ummm, agreed? Sold? All of the above? Is anyone not reading this book? – Nathan
  • BUY IT, Buy it now! – Somehow every issue of this series has been better than the previous one. With this issue we are beginning to see how the two story lines are intertwined and its even more obvious that Rucka is doing something really special. If you’re not reading this series, get your shit together and start from the beginning – Jesse
  • Verdict: Buy. There’s really not enough praise for this book. It’s easily a popular title and it’s hard to wait every other issue for the storyline, but it does keep it exciting with the switch. Wonder Woman is a fantastic character and this creative team does her origin story justice. Some may think it’s done more than necessary, but then again, all of the characters have that happen at some point. What really matters is how well the story is told, and Rucka and Scott tell this one well. – Deanna

[Editor’s Note: Check out Deanna’s full review here!!!!]


Black Panther # 6
Black Panther # 6

Black Panther #6 – By Ta-Nahesi Coates & Chris Sprouse

  • Buy this. Buy every preceding issue. Buy “Between The World and Me.” Buy “The Beautiful Struggle.” Buy everything Ta-Nehisi Coates has ever done us the favor of writing. The impact of work on The Black Panther, on comics industry, on society at large will be felt for many years to come. —Nate M.

[Editor’s Note: For Nate’s full review, click here!!!]

Mockingbird #7 – Chelsea Cain & Kate Niemczyck

  • Buy this – This year, there were several new writers transitioning to comics from other mediums. For my money, Chelsea Cain is by far the best. In this issue, Bobbi Morse is trapped on a cruise ship full of cosplayers and headed for the Bermuda Triangle. The voice that Cain brings to Mockingbird is fun, witty, and confident. The first trade for this series comes out next month. Trust me, you need it! – Jesse

Spider-Man #8 – By Brian Michael Bendis & Nico Leon portrait_incredible

  • Skip…again. It pains me to not be able to recommend people read Miles’ adventures for the second month in a row but these last few issues haven’t been Miles’ adventures, not really. The first half of this issue is actually a lot of fun as Miles does get to participate in the plot of his own book but the second half feels like a completely separate book that’s meant to setup the new Champions series, not to mention continue to force Miles to sit back and watch the Civil War II proceedings. –John D.
  • Pass 🙁 – I have to agree with John. It’s not that this issue was bad, it’s just a bit of a waste. Civil War 2 is bumming me out for a lot of reasons. Mostly because Marvel is poorly managing some of their most compelling characters. But given Bendis’ history with Miles Morales, there’s really no excuse for this middling work. Honestly, I will keep collecting and as soon as things are back on track, I will be the first to say so – Jesse


wrath-ofWrath of the Eternal Warrior #11 – By Robert Venditti & Robert Gill (JUMPING ON POINT)

  • Give it a shot. Venditti does great character work here, and it’s a decent jumping on point, even if some details might be lost on newer readers. -Lorna

[Editor’s Note: For Lorna’s full review, click here!!]


And that’s our Pull List for this week!!! If you happen to pick up any of these books, please join the conversation here or on twitter and let us know what you think! As we update the site with reviews and verdicts on these comics, we’d love to include your input!


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