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Legendary Runs Episode Thirteen: Grant Morrison, Chas Truog and Doug Hazelwood’s Animal Man

We are very happy to be joined by Bobby Shortle this episode to discuss not only Animal Man, but the complexity of Grant Morrison. It animal-man-19-i-can-see-you-with-preludemakes for a very interesting conversation about post-modernism, meta commentary, environmentalism, debates on creator indulgence and mullets. In all seriousness, this episode’s topic is a true game changer that tackles a different approach in our exploration of “creator contributions to significant series.” We hope that you enjoy the episode!

Check out our companion article here.

Here is a link to the DC Nation Animal Man shorts.

You can watch the documentary Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods here.

You can listen to our episode here.

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Sunday (7-10-16)- Companion Article: Terry Moore’s Echo (Echo 1-30)

Friday (7-14-16)- Podcast: Terry Moore’s Echo

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