New Spider-Gwen Ongoing Series, “No More Mutants” Title Announced At NYCC

By Courtney Key

Spider-Gwen, who we recently met in the popular Edge of Spider-verse #2 issue, will be getting her own ongoing series, Talking Comics news team member Huw Parry revealed on Twitter from New York Comic Con.

Parry, reporting from the Marvel retailer’s panel, said the title will be a spin-off from the Edge of Spider-verse series. Jason LaTour and Robbi Rodriguez, who were on the Spider-Gwen issue, will be returning to write and ink the new series, respectively.

Parry also reported that Marvel will be launching a title called No More Mutants, presumably related to Scarlet Witch’s pronouncement during House of M. No further details were given about the series, but got a photo of the teaser artwork.

No More Mutants artwork slide
No More Mutants artwork slide

Stay tuned to Talking Comics for more NYCC news and updates!

Sources: Huw Parry and

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