The Superior Spider-Man #33 Review

The Superior Spider-Man # 33

Script- Christos Gage

Pencils- Giuseppe Camuncoli

Inks- John Dell

Colors- Antonio Fabela

Review by Justin Townson

Dan Slott has said that finally this is the last issue of Superior Spider-Man and nope, nope, nope, I can’t have that. Sorry, but Slott bringing back Superior with Otto and all his insanity and arrogance for just two issues seems almost unfair. The character is just too much fun to let go of. Thankfully, we’ll be seeing lots of Otto in Spider-Verse and it’s my hope that we’ll see him beyond that.

This issue feels like so much more than an Edge of Spider- Verse tie. It feels like the opening salvo of the series. Dan Slott and Christos Gage send Otto to lead a team of Spider-Men against who I originally assumed was Morlun, and it was every bit as awesome as I hoped. The fact that the enemy isn’t who I assumed and the reveal that this isn’t going to be Spider-Men vs. One man was a bit of a shock to me. Taking a page out of Game of Thrones it looks like we’re going to be getting full house on house warfare. Taking that term into consideration, warfare means death and we can see a possible split between the Spider-Men forming with what to do about their adversaries. It’s an interesting problem facing this team and I figure it’s only going to get more interesting when the real Peter shows up. Again what makes Otto so intriguing is Anna Maria. Here we only have her in hologram form but you can really feel that Otto cares about her. While he may be arrogant to the point of eye rolling annoyance at times, it’s the moments that he lets down his guard and talks to Anna that shows what kind of guy he really is. That’s the reason I want this series to live on. That balance of sheer insanity/arrogance and hidden warmth.

Once again Giuseppe Camuncoli completely knocks it out of the park with his pencils. While Humberto Ramos is my choice for Amazing, Camuncoli is my number one choice for Superior. Getting to see so many variations of Spider-Man on the same page was a treat. His pencils have a edge and sharpness to them that fits in with the Superior mindset.


Buy it. The lead up to Spider-Verse hasn’t missed a step yet, in fact each issue has been really good. Superior Spider-Man is one of those things you should read. It was crazy, and fun, and so different than the normal title that it deserves your attention. If this was truly the end of the title than you have my thanks for the ride Mr. Slott.

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