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Splash Page 8.2.13


Compiled by Brian Verderosa.

Written by many, many hardworking people.

Hello everybody and welcome to a new feature here on Talking Comics, Splash Page. Here we will be compiling tidbits and fun comic book oriented stuff for your perusal. Expect to see a lot of lists, infographics, fan art and opinions (both popular and un) on these pages.

If you have something you’d like to submit or point us in the direction of, don’t hesitate to email and put “Splash Page” in the subject line. You can also follow @SplashPageTC on Twitter. Happy reading!



The Wall Street Journal has reported that Democrat John Lewis has been transformed into a character in a graphic novel that chronicles his experiences as a leader in the civil rights movement. Nate Powell provides the art.




The Guardian has posted a story suggesting that through Metacritic data and polling that Spider-Man is no longer the favorite superhero of U.S. audiences. Who is? Click to find out!



What if there was an event where Cosplay wasn’t just icing on the cake but the main event? Well now there is! Anime News Network reports that later this month is International Cosplay Day and it may be coming to a city near you. Check it out!



Over at Ain’t It Cool News, longtime contributor Quint sat down with Mark Millar and talked about a lot of nonsense as well as a lot of Kick-Ass 2. It’s a fun read, as the always-interesting Millar is quite candid.



Yes, this Batman vs Superman or Superman vs Batman or whatever it’s called (Why can’t it be World’s Finest, God, why?!?) is spawning stories daily. But today Batman on Film posted an unconfirmed (officially) piece regarding the age of Batman in the upcoming film. There’s not much but speculation going on over there, but personally I’m rooting for Jon Hamm. Can we get this guy in a superhero movie already? Sheesh!



The many connections Superman has, thanks to Rusted Mecha.




A news station in Overland Park, KS (near Kansas City) has a story on independent comic book creators gathering for an event called “Independents Day.” Welcome to earth.



Doctor Doom pin-up by Alex Maleev

Alex Maleev has posted a wonderful collection of watercolor commissions of various characters. Above is Doctor Doom, but there are many more to be found here.




Collider has a great piece with Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg where they talk season 2 of Arrow as well as a Flash spin-off.



Just another day in the life of Rob Liefeld on Twitter.





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