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Animal Man Annual #2

Animal Man Annual 2

Animal Man Annual #2

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Travel Foreman

Colors by Lovern Kindzierski

Letters by Jared K. Fletcher

Review by Adam Shaw


Wow. Wow wow wow. Animal Man Annual #2 delivers an incredibly hard hitting emotional punch to the gut. Lemire is on top form this issue, and it only gets better with the return of Travel Foreman on art.

The Lemire and Foreman team was an amazing combo, and it is such a treat to have them both together again for this second annual. They work in tandem to provide one of the most joyful and painfully emotional reading experiences I have had in recent memory.

In typical comic book fashion, the cover is slightly misleading as this issue focuses more on Buddy coping with the death of his son, and remembering the good times they shared. This is one of those cases where I like the slight misdirection of the cover. It leaves you with your guard down as the emotional punches are thrown. The issue highlights everything that has made Animal Man such a great read, and that is the bond shared between members of a family.

I simply don’t have much more to say without spoiling the issue. Yes, this issue is five dollars, but it is well worth the money. The art and story hit the right pressure points that will leave many readers in tears, and all readers verklempt.

The Verdict

A must buy. Yes it is five bucks, but it is one of the best issues DC has released this year, and sits right now as my favorite issue of Animal Man. This issue takes place before issue #21, so even if you aren’t up to date, you can enjoy the annual. Once again, simply wow.

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