Thanos Gets a Henchman

El Mayimbe of Latino Review has done it again and got the scoop on a new villain for the upcoming film Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. For every hero that has a sidekick there is a villain who needs a henchman. And for Thanos, that henchman is Basil Sandhurst, a.k.a. The Controller. Not only will he be Thanos’ main henchman, he’ll be his ambassador. Ooh! Top that you doers of good!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this villian, here’s some details from Wikipedia:


The Controller designed his armored exoskeleton, which is micro-surgically attached to his body from head to toe and grants him mobility, as well as superhuman strength and endurance. He uses “slave discs” to control others, using the micro-circuitry in his helmet to drain cerebral energy from his victims to power his exoskeleton and magnify its strength and duplicate his victim’s abilities. He has limited psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, the ability to control the actions of any one person wearing one of his slave discs, and the ability to fire mental bolts of force from his helmet. He can psionically control “weak-willed” subjects even without his discs. He flies via boot-jets and has employed image inducers, stun mists, and other technology as needed.

The Controller originally used a mental wave absorbatron to convert cerebral energies for use by his exoskeleton, though this device was rendered obsolete after Thanos improved the Controller’s equipment. The discs now increase his physical attributes in geometric progression to numbers of victims wearing slave discs, and he was able to control the actions of all persons wearing the discs.

The Controller is a highly skilled chemist and mechanical engineer, with a college degree in chemistry and electrical and mechanical engineering.

The Controller is frequent foe of Tony Stark, and has also  interacted with many characters-S.H.I.E.L.D agents Jasper Sitwell and Maria Hill, and Justin Hammer (who was featured in Iron Man 2)-who already exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  There isn’t any word yet on who might play the character in the film.

Now does that mean that Thanos the pursuer of death will be in Guardians? That remains to be seen but El Mayimbe thinks its a strong possibility since Guardians of the Galaxy is the last standalone Marvel film leading into The Avengers 2. Guardians of the Galaxy is scheduled for an August 1, 2014, release.

With this news what do you all think? Who do you think should play The Controller?

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