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Talking Comics Presents 3/6/13


by Bobby Shortle

Hello everyone and welcome to  Talking Comics Presents.  First off, I want to thank all the listeners, readers and contributors who sent in their picks for the week! You guys made the last column great and this week we have even more! Remember   I want your input, what books are you excited for? Have you found any great fan art this week? Whats your favorite cover, panel or bit of writing (easy on the spoilers)? Do you have a video testimonial, audio blurb or art of your own you’d like to share? Send these things to and the best of them will be included here from now on!

We had a big week with our podcast on spoilers, a Fantastic Four fantasy casting article by Mr. Bob Reyer, Wizard World Coverage by Travis McCollum and a ton of great reviews from our contributors. 

Well, enough with the who, where, what, why and how, I give to you Talking Comics Presents for the books releasing on 3/6/13.

Bedlam #5



Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Riley Rossimo

Recommended by Melissa Megan

Image Comics says: “A great weeping.”

Melissa Megan says: “I’m most looking forward to Bedlam #5 because it’s amazing, intense and I absolutely need to know what Fillmore (Madder Red) will do next! Will he solve the murder? We he murder again? What will the doctor do to keep him from telling the police who he is? Another treasure from Riley Rossmo.”

Lost Vegas #1



Written by Jim McCann

Art by Janet Lee

Recommended by Steve Seigh

Image Comics says: “The EISNER AWARD-WINNING team of JIM McCANN & JANET LEE reunite to create a universe filled with intrigue as one gambler-turned-slave has 24 hours to go all in and pull off the greatest heist the universe has seen. WELCOME TO LOST VEGAS! Aboard this luxurious casino-filled traveling space-station you will find the highest stakes games from every corner of every planet, unheard-of winnings, and the greatest attractions anywhere! *the fine print- those who bet it all and lose must work it off as indentured servants to the casino. Escape is not possible. No one is exempt from these rules.

Steve Seigh says: I’m totally looking forward to Jim McCann and Janet Lee’s Lost Vegas #1. This powerhouse team of creators are reuniting to create “a universe filled with intrigue as one gambler-turned-slave has 24 hours to go all in and pull off the greatest heist the universe has seen.” If Mind the Gap is any indication as to how well McCann can craft a mystery then I am all the way in on this new series. Other books I’m also looking forward to are Sex #1 from Image Comics, as well as I Love Trouble #4, and despite my better judgement I’m actually pretty pumped for the premiere issue of Age of Ultron #1 from Marvel Now. This week could perhaps have a number of gems peppered throughout its releases. I’m excited to see what sort of reactions these new series yield from readers. “


Age of Ultron #1



Written by Brian Michael Bendis 

Art by Brian Hitch

Recommended by Bobby Shortle and Steve Seigh

Marvel says: “For years the heroes of the Marvel Universe have lived in fear that the artificial intelligence known as Ultron would one day evolve to fulfill its desire to wipe out all organic life and take over the Earth — that day has arrived. This massive 10-part Marvel Universe-spanning event is brought to you by Eisner award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis and comics legend Bryan Hitch.”

Bobby Shortle says: ” In the months since the end of AvX the Talking Comics crew has done a lot of railing against event storylines,  and so I feel like a bit of a hypocrite recommending this title. However,  I’ve been so enamored with Brian Michael Bendis lately, that I will automatically pick up almost any of the stuff he’s writing right now.  Add to that some seriously gorgeous interior art by Brian Hitch and a storyline where heroes are actually fighting a…gasp…villain, instead of one another, and I’m completely revved for the next Marvel event. I have no past experience with Ultron character, outside the great Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon, so I’m also quite excited to become aquatinted with one of Marvel’s best villains. 

Avengers #7



Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Dustin Weaver

 Recommended by Adam Shaw

Marvel says: “The Avengers must scramble to deal with the threat of another Universal SYSTEM. The New Adam is transformed, and his true self revealed. And the most dangerous hero on Earth is created.”

Adam Shaw says: “This, along with New Avengers, is one of my favorite titles right now. Things have been getting bigger and bigger each issue, and I am excited to see how the “White Event” will unfold.”


Winter Soldier #16



Written by Jason Latour

Art by Nic Klein 

Recommended by Joey Braccino

Marvel says: “Writer Jason Latour (Loose Ends, Wolverine) and artist Nic Klein (Dancer, Viking, Doc Savage) begin the second chapter of The Winter Soldier’s newest deadly mission.With only the enigmatic Robards at his side, Bucky wades into his dark past, visiting a treacherous school for young assassins…The Orphanage.And just who is The Electric Ghost?”

Joey Braccino says“Bucky has become one of my favorite characters in all comicdom. As both Captain America and the Winter Soldier, Bucky’s adventures over the last few years have combined hard-boiled pulp with political suspense thriller, making for some of the best comics on the stands. While I was (and still am) devastated at Ed Brubaker’s departure from the House of Ideas and, by extension, all things Captain America, writer Jason LaTour and artist Nic Klein proved last month that our super-spy/super-assassin/super-hero is in capable hands. Check it!”

Batman: Detective Comics #18



Written by John Layman
Art by Jason Fabok
Recommended by Travis McCollum
DC says: ” Batman vs. The Penguin! The stakes are high, and even if Batman wins he loses! Plus, in the backup feature, it’s the origin of Ignatius Ogilvy, the new criminal kingpin of Gotham City.”
Travis McCollum says: “With John Layman and Jason Fabok ending their first arc on Detective Comics, we finally get to see Oswald confront Ogilvy and see whether it will be Penguin or Emperor Penguin that runs the Iceberg Lounge. Blending dark humor with deep characterization, it’s sure to be a finale that all Bat-fans will want to see.”


Green Arrow #18



Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Recommended by Adam Shaw

DC says: ” Oliver Queen has lost everything: His company, his money, his friends and most of his arrows. It’s all because of one man: Komodo, who has come to tear Ollie’s life to shreds! From the ashes, Ollie must uncover the secrets of his father’s past — secrets of the island and Ollie’s own uncanny ability with the bow.”

Adam Shaw says “Jeff Lemire was off to a great start in issue 17. He’s already got me interested in a character that I didn’t care much about before. Oh, yeah, and Sorrentino! I love his art!”


Swamp Thing #18



Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Yanick Paquette

Recommended by Sean Lamont

DC says: ” Don’t miss the heartbreaking epilogue to “ROTWORLD.” Swamp Thing makes the ultimate sacriface in an attempt save the world from the Rot! This issue marks the end of life as Swamp Thing knows it!

Sean Lamont says: “While last issues climax to Rotworld was not my favorite of the series, Snyder’s run has turned me onto the character himself.  So I am anxiously curious to see what status quo is being left behind by this run for the oncoming new creative team next month!”


Animal Man #18



Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Steve Pugh

Recommended by Tali Adina 

DC says: “ROTWORLD” epilogue! The horrible tragedy of ROTWORLD weighs heavily on the Baker family.  Nothing will be the same for Animal Man after this issue!”

Tali Adina says:It’s a tie between Swamp Thing and Animal Man. Rotworld concluded last month and I’m looking forward to reading the aftermath of that epic story arc. I want to know if Arcane will be stopped once and for all.”

World’s Finest #10



Written by Paul Levitz

Art by Kevin Maguire

Recommended by Bob Reyer

DC says: “After being attacked by a group connected to the missing Mr. Terrific, Power Girl and Huntress take the fight to Holt Industries, where they make a shocking discovery! • Plus: Huntress is personally affected by a tragedy in The New 52!”

Bob Reyer says: “From the first issue, World’s Finest has been my favorite DC title. Shorn of the unremitting and frankly tiresome darkness that pervades the New 52, Paul Levitz, Kevin Maguire, and the departing(?) George Perez have delivered a fun book that was never short on action or adventure, but whose focus has been the bond between the refugees from Earth-2. A great “buddy” book, and one that deserves a wider audience; Captain Marvel fans should check out World’s Finest–tell ’em Uncle Bob and Audrey sent you!”

Community Picks


Luke H. says: I’m really looking forward to Daredevil End of Days #6. This story has really grabbed me and I just can’t wait to find out how it ends up. Mark Waid still is my favorite DD writer, but Bendis is doing good with this book.”



John D. says: “Unfortunately there’s only one new book I’m getting this week but luckily it’s one that I’m looking forward to quite a bit:  Green Arrow #18. I was introduced to both Jeff Lemire’s writing and Andrea Sorrentino’s art with Green Arrow #17 and both artists not only got me hooked on Green Arrow, but it’s become one of my most anticipated monthly pulls. People that haven’t read Green Arrow before (or maybe just know him from the CW show) can definitely hop on board with little to no problem, which just makes this book even better in my opinion.”

Ryan C. says:  I haven’t read any Green Arrow before and Lemire’s first issue got me interested; I’m not on the book for sure but I expect that Lemire and Sorrentino will be bringing me on with these next few issues”



John D says: “Although it’s not considered a new book, I’m planning on checking out the re-release of the Gotham by Gaslight trade paperback. I know next to nothing about the book except that it’s Victorian-era Batman fighting Jack the Ripper and Mike Mignola (of Hellboy fame) is the artist. That’s certainly enough for me to give a book that I have never heard of before a purchase. “


Luciano M says:  “For me this week it’s all about the Age of Ultron. I read Avengers 12.1 a while back and have been hooked ever since. Finally get to see what Ultron has planned. Also happy to see that this event will be quick and fairly well contacted as opposed to some other recent even comics. “

Frank K. says: “The book I’m looking forward to the most this coming week has to be The Age of Ultron, he is one of my favorite villains. I just got into comics back in September, and Ultron is the main villain I really wanted to read about and learn about. This will be my first Marvel event as a collector and I’m super excited for it, I can’t wait to read it and hear what you guys think about it.”


Sarah B. says: “Lost Vegas by Jim McCann & Janet Lee – these two can do no wrong in my world right now; Mind The Gap was one of the stand out books of the year for me last year, and after meeting both these guys at NYCC, I was blown away not only by their skill as writer & artist, but the sheer chemistry between them both was great. I don’t even know much about the plot for the new book, but as soon as I saw both their names together in Previews a couple of months ago, this went straight to the top of my pull list.”
Ryan C. says: “Jim McCann has previously written series I’ve loved (Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Mind The Gap), and coupled with such an original and appealing idea I can’t imagine he’ll disappoint.”
Sarah B. says: “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – this has been such a fun book to pick up recently, especially as a counter to some of the darker turns the big two publishers have been taking. The storylines are fun, the art is cute (even though I normally hate using that word), and the sense of fun imbued within the whole book makes it an absolute must read for anyone in my opinion, for the pony-based puns if nothing else.”
Andy B. says:  “The reason for this choice is that I have begun the indoctrination of my five-year old daughter into comics.  The reason that I use Comixology is so that she will not stumble onto an issue of The Walking Dead or Death of the Family.  I always pay close attention when Bob and Steve mention books appropriate for kids and my ears perked-up when I heard them mention MLP.  She already loves the cartoon and we watch the episodes every Saturday morning together.  She calls it one of our “Daddy-Daughter Moments”.  When I heard of the comic on the podcast, as well as the fact that the show liked it, I knew that would be the one comic that I could use to get her interested.  It worked.

We read each issue together (sometimes 3 or 4 times) and I cherish these moments that the podcast has allowed me.  She even bags and boards them herself and keeps them on her bookshelf.  She has shown interest in other comics and I will help guide her to appropriate choices.  Anyways, the seed has been planted and taken root.  She now asks me each week if a new issue is coming out this Wednesday and we have started marking the releases on her calendar.”
Sarah B. says: “Adventure Time; Fionna & Cake – all the Adventure Time books are hilariously fun, and this one takes a twise from (I think) a single episode, and runs it in to a whole mini-series, based around the gender-bending adventures of Finn and Jakes alter egos. As with MLP, it brings a nice touch of comedy to the weeks releases, which nicely counters the twisted tales DC have recently given us with the Death of the Family for example.”
Ryan C. says: “Hickman’s White Event story has me very interested; I really enjoy when creators bring back often overlooked elements from years past. On top of that, Dustin Weaver’s art is incredible and I’ve been looking forward to it since I saw his covers for the first three issues of Avengers.”
Huw P. submitted this great piece of Batman art which is a sketch by a British artist called Lee Bradley:
batman0 sketch

Well that’s all for this week’s Talking Comics Presents, don’t forget to send your picks and submissions to, and check out the Talking Comics Podcast.  On this week’s show we discussed comic book spoilers and our favorite books of the week.

Bobby Shortle is founder and Editor in Chief of Talking Comics as well as the host of the weekly Talking Comics Podcast. When he's not writing about comics he's making short films which can be found at and talking…

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