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Talking Comics Presents: January 23

Just know that when I write this piece, week in and week out, I imagine a lawn full of our loyal readers standing in front of me, waving their t shirts around over their head, waiting in eager anticipation of what’s to come; all the while chanting the praises of Talking Comics. It’s glorious. That said, I now have this to say:

Thank you…Each time we gather to give our books of the week, we bear witness to the enduring strength of the comics industry and its community. We affirm the ability of our writers and artists. We recall that what binds us together is not whether we lean toward DC or Marvel, whether Batman could take Superman in a fight (he could), or which parts of the old history our revamped heroes retain in all the re-launching going on lately; What makes this exceptional, what makes us a community, is our steadfastness to the idea that these characters and stories can be portrayed in an unequivocally superior way through this medium than any other–a medium that originated over a century and a half ago.

I may have watched something (3 or 4 times) that has a partial influence on this particular Presents. So, let’s get ready to buy some comics, eh?


Revival #6, Image


Recommended by Stephanie and myself

If you Revival’s politicians would be put on the spot as to how they should handle the crazy sh*t that is going on in rural Wisconsin, they would probably have as many answers to the question as the series has given readers as to what exactly is going on in rural Wisconsin. But that’s the beauty of it! I don’t even care that questions are piling up in this series like old white guys in government positions. It’s ridiculously awesome and the creative team of Mike Norton and Tim Seeley has promised that #6 is a good jumping on point for new readers. Though, you should probably pick up the trade if you haven’t been keeping up, because…Revival.


Wonder Woman #16, DC


Recommended by Sean, Mara, and Tali

Wonder Woman wears the red, white, and blue so, of course, she’s going to be on this list! Yes, that is a weak tie in to the theme, but give me a break. It doesn’t hurt that it’s an awesome book though. Issue #16 pits new school against old school as Wonder Woman is faces off against Orion. The New Gods have been interestingly reintroduced into the DCU through Azzarello and Chang’s Wonder Woman, and it has made for an interesting mix of mythology and universe expanding story. DC has rolled the dice on doing things like this, but I think it has paid off in spades so far.


Young Avengers #1, Marvel


Recommended by Bobby, Joey, Travis, and Steve

The pundits have spoken (and are varying degrees of blind approval or in complete denial of the fact): Studies have shown that Young Avengers is officially the most anticipated book of the week! While the other candidates competed well, and deserve a ton of credit; they lost, and Young Avengers is President of Presents (until next week where this theme will be irrelevant). Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie bring Wiccan, Hulkling, Marvel Boy, Ms. America, Loki and Katie (Hawkeye) Bishop together in a coming-of-age adventure involving things like saving the Earth as a teenager. Gillen is coming of a fantastic run in which Loki was his main character, so this should be really interesting to see how the voice of the character melds and changes with his new teammates. But, really, this gives us more Kate. Love Kate.


Justice League #16, DC


Recommended by Adam and myself

So, this new guy, I like him. He makes good choices. The start to the Throne of Atlantis was fantastic. It’s, by far, the best Justice League has been since it began. Every character was given equal time to be equally heroic and relatable. That’s no simple task with team books, but Johns finally hit on the perfect formula last month. The addition of Ivan Ries fit like a glove, and gave way to a stunning book. Ries and Johns carried the mojo they had on Aquaman right over to DC’s flagship book, and it is now a must read. Oh! The theme, right—I bet you didn’t know that Arthur and the 44th President of the United States have something in common. Yea, it’s that face they both make when they hear something completely idiotic. Look it up.


TMNT The Secret History of the Foot Clan #2, IDW


Recommended by Tali

Now that the others are off in Google land trying to make sense of the last bit, let’s continue the conversation, shall we? In this mini many questions are answered about how the Foot Clan began, and the mysterious powers of the Shredder. Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi’s relationship gets further fleshed out and we learn a bit about Foot Clan manifest destiny (history pays off in today’s Presents, it’s about time!). Also, I’m pretty sure that Okami is on the cover, so automatic bump up to awesome for this book.


Masks #3, Dynamite Entertainment


Recommended by Bob

We are a people that like to compare things. Much like politicians are doomed to be sized up against those that have come before them—like who can out shine Andrew Jackson (who killed more people in office than Joker has in the New 52), or Abe Lincoln who was a vampire hunter (I read it somewhere), or Teddy Roosevelt whose unmatched awesomeness in the Rough Riders embedded a deep hatred of horses and people who ride them in Scott Snyder—so are our comic books; and sometimes, you just can’t be the good ol’ characters. Masks is a pulpy collection of great characters, and it has been incredibly fun to read. Chris Roberson and Dennis Calero bring you the latest chapter in which villain and corrupt politicians have our heroes backed into a corner. Alex Ross continues to give great covers as well.


Avengers #3, Marvel


Recommended by Steve

Where are the Illuminati in an Avengers book when I decide, randomly, to do a political them, hmm? I guess I’ll actually have to work here then. Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena continue their epic as the battle between the Avengers and the Garden comes to an end. Hickman’s work would lead us to believe, however, that this is only the beginning of things to come, so don’t expect things to wrap up in a pretty, little bow.

“If you want LIFE and all the good things living entails, then you’ll have to earn it,” –Ex Nihilo

Much like those fighting for the founding beliefs of our budding nation, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes must band together and overcome these increasingly depressing odds to allow the people of Earth to just have a chance at being able to pursue “all the good things living entails.”(Drops the mic)


Others To Watch For

Batwoman #16

Uncanny X-Force #1

Birds of Prey #16

Harbinger #8

Deadpool #4

FF #3

Winter Soldier #14 (Brubaker’s final issue)

Steed and Mrs. Peel #4


Emails by the Fire with (self-proclaimed and welcome-ly accepted) Uncle Bob

“A mish-mosh coming your way this week!

In spite of Marvel releasing a “50th Anniversary Variant Cover” on this week’s Avengers #3 (Vol.5), the actual publication date of the original Avengers #1 was September 10, 1963, so I can only guess we’ll be seeing more and more of these through the rest of the year. What would have been wrong with celebrating the January 1963 issue (#112) of Millie the Model instead? Just because there’s no billion dollar movie attached to that property doesn’t mean it’s not worth having a double-foil hologram fold-out cover of Millie Collins and Patsy Walker, and maybe a Skottie Young Millie-Baby vs. Patsy-Baby super-rare 1-in-2000 variant to boot. (Actually, at this point, you could sell a boatload of Skottie Young covers of Willie Lumpkin delivering the Richards’ mail!)

To matters we don’t discuss much at Talking Comics, it was an exciting week-end of football, with another big one upcoming.Can you imagine the Tottenham Hotspurs’ Clint Dempsey (of the U.S. national team) scoring a late goal to tie Manchester United? What about the continued dominance of the Cardiff City Bluebirds in the Championship League? This week’s biggest story though, is in the FA Cup games this coming week-end, with the up-start Brighton & Hove Albion Seagulls hosting perennial Premiere League power-house Arsenal in a fourth round game…expect fireworks, and don’t be surprised by an upset!!

(Robert, what on earth are you talking about English football for? Audrey)

Well Audrey, many in our Talking Comics family are fans of the “beautiful game”, so I thought they deserved a little love, particularly Huw Parry (of Cardiff, Wales), and the authoress of our amazing super-hero back-stories, Sarah Bell, who’s been a little under the weather lately, so let’s send some TC good vibes her way!

(Gentle readers, at least Robert gave you some comics news; perhaps next week I can convince him to do a proper column? We can only watch and waitdarlings.Audrey)

I’m outta here, David!


Yet again our time together draws to a close, folks. I certainly hope that this was insightful, both on in an advisory role and one of historic value. Until next time…Enjoy the books that we told you to buy! (HA! I know what you were thinking I was going to say!)

Listened to some Toby Keith as I patriot-ed this thing up. ‘Murica! And no, I did not listen to Toby Keith. I thought you people knew me?

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