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Dear Shenani-Girl: Quickfire Marry Me

It’s the holiday season and as it turns out, Shenani-Girl has a little bit of time on her hands to answer your questions. Whether they’re about comics, life, movies, various geekery or other things, get your questions into Shenanigans for a brand-new Dear Abby style column that’ll be up as frequently as our podcasting superhero can handle. You can send in your questions to or via Shenani-Girl’s Tumblr page (all responses from Tumblr will be posted on the site).

Dear Shenani-Girl,

I keep asking women to marry me on the first date. They all seem horrified by this, but is it really that wrong?

-Striker Bell


Well hey there, Striker Bell,

Yes, yes that is very, very wrong. I’m not sure if I can help you.

Unless of course by “Striker Bell” you really meant to say that your name is Devendra Banhart (refer to this if you don’t get that reference).

I can’t really think of any “unless” situation other than the one already mentioned. That should really just not ever happen. You need time to develop a relationship with someone and figure out if all your good stuff and bad stuff will mesh together before you make a commitment to each other like that.

Stop proposing to women on the first date.

PS – I suspect that you aren’t REALLY proposing to people on the first date and that someone is just messing with me with this question, but if I happen to be wrong, well then… stop proposing to people. That’s approximately 1000x worse than saying “I love you” on the first date. And THAT’S super terrible. So yeah.

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