The Road to SDCC: Man of Steel

Man of Steel - Henry CavillMan of Steel has come along with some exciting news: we get the first big trailer for the movie we’ve been waiting for since Superman Returns at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Up till now we’ve gotten the usual press package for the development, and typical genre of leaks about the plot, cast, etc.. SDCC rolls out the big carpet for the latest and greatest, come see how Man of Steel is going to come out of the sky this summer!

First trailers are the makers and breakers for movies, and the best part is that it doesn’t matter if they are good, bad, or ugly. Let’s stick a pin in talking about if the movie will be Christoper Reeves or Brandon Roth for now, and focus on what the trailer might have for us. Variety told us last week that the legendary composer behind Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Han Zimmer, is scoring the movie. Hopefully, depending on how the trailer is made, we’re going to hear a nice sampling of that score and that’s a gem all on it’s own.

As far as expectations go, I am wanting to see the best and greatest that Legendary has to offer because this is the Superman franchise hot off the coat tails of one of the best comic book movie franchises next to Marvel’s The Avengers. Zack Snyder is part of that caliber of director that is known for great visuals, look at Watchmen and 300, so I do think we’re going to get quite a show with those paired next to Hans Zimmer but it all depends on how the trailer is cut.

As for the movie itself, we’re kind of in the dark. That’s ok, that’s why we have shows like SDCC to help inform us. I think we can agree that the story itself will determine this movie. Personally I would like to see a story that departs from Smallville or Metropolis, and that’s a tall order because there isn’t a lot of canon that takes us away from those settings. There have been some rumors about from “insiders” that a lot of the movie will feature Krypton, and I find this encouraging till I hear otherwise from the SDCC panel itself.

So what sort of things are you expecting from the Man of Steel panel and trailer? Let us know!

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