Review: Green Wake #10

Green Wake #10

Written by Kurtis Weibe

Art by Riley Rossmo

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Green Wake has been quite the journey. From the very first page of Issue #1, with it’s intriguing story and all too appropriate art, I was hooked. At first I’d felt as if I were missing something. However, knowing the truth about what is happening within the strange town of Green Wake is something that you have to earn. Playing out like a tattered mystery novel written by a soul trapped within purgatory, Green Wake tells the story of man being a prisoner inside his own fear. What if the places we create inside of our own mind to escape our guilt and fears became real? How far would you go to explore yourself if it were your only means of escape, of redemption?

Green Wake #10 is the last issue of a story that deserved to be told for much longer. Kurtis Weibe, in my humble opinion,  has done a fine job of giving us a satisfying end to this strange and wonderful tale. Not allowing Kurtis time to craft an ending worthy of the series was a big concern of mine when I’d learned that the book had been canceled. I remember inventing a few new curse words that day, but then reminded myself to be patient and wait to see what Kurtis Weibe and Riley Rossmo would deliver. What I ended up with is a story that will make me think, a story that had forced me to recognize the gift that is my own mortality and sanity.

Life in and of itself can often be a cruel and poisonous experience. There are times when we all want to carve ourselves a small pocket in which we can rest, unmoved by those around us that would look to do us harm. Green Wake teaches us that these places can be dangerous and that loss is something that must be confronted. It’s not every day that I walk away from a comic series having actually learned a truly valuable life lesson. I got that in spades from reading Green Wake.


Green Wake is not just a comic book, it’s an experience. If you want a book that is truly cerebral and will make you question your own existence here on this level of consciousness, then I suggest you hop the nearest rowboat and pray that Morley and Krieger are there to welcome you into town.

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