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Review: Mister Terrific #1


Written by Eric Wallace

Art by Roger Robinson

We’re thrown head-first into a frantic chase between Mister Terrific – the self-professed third-smartest man in the world(?) – and villainous CEO Miles Dalton through the skies of London. The chase is cool and smartly references other bits of geek culture (Doctor Who, huzzah!) before Mister Terrific turns the tables on Dalton using the London Eye. The book takes a breather, introducing us more properly to the titular lead character and providing a bit of his back story.  It’s a little predictable and cliché as we learn that after his wife’s death, Terrific, aka Michael Holt, threw himself into his work. Some cross-dimensional experimentation panels later, we see Holt at his offices throwing a fundraiser. Thus the stage is set for the conflict of this arc – someone is manipulating people’s’ minds to wreak havoc on the world. Our tease for the next issue is Terrific about to fry some congressman.

The art has some pop – the chase through London has some particularly cool visuals – though the style of the book nothing particularly special. Overall, I’d compare the book to Green Arrow #1: there is some fun here to be sure, and I’ll keep reading, but not a ton of substance and few surprises.


I was a little lost before the flashback of Terrific’s back story, but once through that, didn’t feel left out of some Mister Fantastic secret society.


Worth the read…I plan on reading more before throwing a more enthusiastic yay or nay at it.

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