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Review: DeathStroke #1

Issue Title: Back To Basics
Written by Kyle Higgins
Pencils by Joe Bennett
Inked by Art Thibert

DEATHSTROKE #1 finds our character, Slade Wilson, fresh off of a multi-target assassination mission and looking to quickly pick up more work. After being sent to investigate a plane carrying dangerous cargo, Deathstroke finds out that there’s more to his mission than just his standard routine. There’s something rather quirky in the way Slade delivers his dry tough-guy dialogue that makes him a fun character to have conflicting feelings about. On one end of the spectrum you like the guy because he’s a total badass, but on the other hand he’s also rude, dangerous and quick to kill anyone who looks at him funny. Oh wait —  those are just more reasons to like him. Nevermind.

The book moves along at a steady pace and never makes you wait to long for new elements to be introduced. What I like about the book most is that it serves to tell you right away who Deathstroke is and what he does (or rather, does not) care about. Certainly by the end of the book you will know who you are dealing with and whether or not you want to follow him further into his bloody rage. Another positive thing to note would be the clever inclusion of a certain other CD property that makes its way into the last few pages, adding a very nice nod and plot twist to boot.

DeathStroke is a take no prisoners and leave none alive kind of antihero. He’s been floating around the DC universe since 1980 and has made quite the name for himself as a constant aggravation to those around him.

Check it out first – If you dig the antihero angle you might really enjoy what this book has to offer. The inclusion of another familiar franchise set within the plot is enough to keep me coming back for another issue. There is some solid potential here but I want to see more before committing entirely.

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