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Trillium #3 Review

  Trillium #3 Writer & Artist: Jeff Lemire Colors: Jeff Lemire & Joss Villarrubia Letters: Carlos M. Mangual Review by Patrick Brennan “Sorry, but I need your Raygun.” If Trillium’s….

Trillium #2 Review

TRILLIUM #2 Writer and Artist: Jeff Lemire Colorist: Jose Villarrubia Review by Suzanne Nagda Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who doesn’t share your language? It’s forces you….

Trillium #1 Review

Trillium #1 Written by Jeff Lemire Illustrated by Jeff Lemire Colors by Jeff Lemire and Jose Villarrubia “Two disparate souls separated by thousands of years and hundreds of millions of….

Talking Comics Presents 8.7.13

By Bobby Shortle Hello everyone and welcome to Talking Comics Presents! Every week we here at Talking Comics will endeavor to give you a personal view of the book we are most….

Issue #83: Summer Comic Book Preview

Issue #83: Summer Comic Book Preview Download Directly From iTunes Feedburner Link We are only a couple days away from June and June means summer and summer means… ummmm… HEAT!….