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Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 Review

Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Valerio Schiti Colors: Edgar Delgado Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna Fun. That is the best description I can come up with to describe Tony Stark: Iron Man….

Infamous Iron Man #1 – Review

Infamous Iron Man #1 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Alex Maleev Color Artist: Matt Hollingsworth Letterer & Production: VC’s Clayton Cowles Review By: Nate Mondschein (@33andmoonshine) –Mild Spoiler Warning for….

Jessica Jones #1 – Review

Jessica Jones #1 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Michael Gaydos Color Artist: Matt Hollingsworth Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit Cover: David Mack Review By: Nate Mondschein (@33andMoonshine) —In the immortal words of….

Black Panther # 6 – Review

BLACK PANTHER #6: A Nation Under Our Feet (part 6) Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates Penciler: Chris Sprouse Inker: Karl Story Color Artist: Laura Martin Letterer: Joe Sabino Review by Nate Mondschein (@33andMoonshine) **Warning:….

Avengers #30 Review

Avengers #30 Written by Jonathan Hickman Pencils by Leinil Francis Yu Inks by Gerry Alanguilan Colors by Sunny Gho Letters by VC’s Cory Petit Review by Mike Duke There are….

She-Hulk #1

SHE-HULK #1 Writer: Charles Soule Artist: Javier Pulido Colorist: Muntsa Vicente Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles Review by Suzanne Nagda “No one is only one thing.” Jennifer Walters is a legacy….

Avengers #24.NOW Review

Avengers #24.NOW Written by Jonathan Hickman Art by Esad Ribic, Salvador Larroca, Mike Deodato, and Butch Guice Color Art by Dean White, Frank Martin, Paul Mounts, and Laura Martin Review….

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 Written by Brian Michael Bendis Pencils by Steve McNiven & Sara Pichelli Inks by John Dell, Steve McNiven, & Sara Pichelli Colors by Justin Ponsor….

Avengers Assemble #9 Review

Avengers Assemble #9 Story by Kelly Sue DeConnick Art by Stefano Caselli Review by Mara Whiteside   I’m at a loss for words. I don’t know what to comment on….