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Secret Empire #0 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer Artists: Daniel Acuna Prologue Art: Rod Reis Letters: VC’s Travis Lanham   Wednesday saw the release of Secret Empire #0 and thus Captain America’s final plan for….

Captain America: Sam Wilson #13 Review

Captain America: Sam Wilson #13 Review Writer: Nick Spencer Artist: Daniel Acuña Review by Vivek Kembaiyan “You take a stand, eventually someone’s gonna come tell you to sit back down.”….

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Review

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Writer: Nick Spencer Artist: Jesus Saiz Lettering: VC’s Joe Caramagna Review by Joey Braccino “In the right moment, it only takes one person to change….

Captain America #10 Review

Captain America #10 Written by Rick Remender Breakdowns by John Romita Jr. Finishes by Klaus Jansen, Tom Palmer, and Scott Hanna Color Art by Dean White and Rachelle Rosenberg Review….

Captain America #6 Review

   Captain America #6 Writer: Rick Remender Artist: John Romita, Jr. Colorist: Dean White So as not to “bury the lead”, it is with a heavy heart that I write this….