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Diversity Empowers Everyone!

DIVERSITY EMPOWERS EVERYONE!   An Opinion Piece by Bob Reyer As some of you might remember from the podcast or have read about here, it was my honor to participate in the….

All-New Wolverine #7 Review

All-New Wolverine #7 “Father Lost” Written by Tom Taylor Art by Marcio Takara Colors by Jordan Boyd Letters by VC’s Cory Petit Review by John Dubrawa Still living in the….

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 Review

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 Writer: Ryan North Artist: Erica Henderson Colourist: Rico Renzi Letterer: Travis Lanham Editor: Wil Moss Publisher: Marvel A review by Amelia Wellman The Unbeatable Squirrel….

Comics to Cheer You Up

Sometimes you’re feeling a little down and you need something to cheer you up or distract you for a little bit. So here are a few comics I enjoy that….