Green Valley #1 Review

Green Valley #1 Review Written by Max Landis Pencils by Guiseppe Camuncoli Inks by Cliff Rathburn Colours by Jean-Francois Beaulieu Reviewed by Lorna Maltman ( When I ... Read More...

Birthright #1 Review

Birthright #1 Joshua Williamson – creator, writer Andrei Bressan – creator, artist Adriano Lucas – colorist Pat Brosseau – letterer Review by Joey Braccino “Are you telling me you’re some kind... Read More...
Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #3 Cover, from Image Comics. Release date 8/27/2014

Outcast #3 Review

Outcast #3 Written by: Robert Kirkman Art by: Paul Azaceta Colors by: Elizabeth Breitweiser Letters by: Rus Wooton Review by Nick Guerrera Creator/Writer Robert Kirkman, artist Paul Azaceta, colorist Elizabeth ... Read More...

Invincible #95 Review

Invincible #95 goes straight for the throat, come see us break it down and figure out how this Flaxan threat will fit in the grand scheme of things!

Invincible #94 Review

Who is the mysterious new leader of the Flaxan Army? Yesterday I brought us up to speed on the current events for Invincible and why we're so excited for issue #100. Finally, after being pushed back a week, we get to see the big reveal for the new Flaxan threat!