The Road to SDCC: Arrow

Ever since Smallville we’ve been silently hoping for a good Green Arrow show. Though it’s not the actor we’ve become endeared to, our wishes were granted. We’ve seen some trailers….

The Road to SDCC: Firefly

This year rounds up the 10 year anniversary for the Firefly franchise. It’s a huge milestone for the cancelled-too-early series, considering the fact that the fan movement was able to motivate a….

The Road to SDCC: Iron Man 3

The news we’ve all been waiting for has finally landed. I just got an email from Disney announcing that the panel for the long anticipated Iron Man 3 will be….

The Road to SDCC: Doctor Who

Dr. Who has been a staple among most nerd communities; literally decades of fans gather per series to enjoy a new doctor, companion(s), and amazing stories crafted by some of….

The Road to SDCC: The Floor Plan

Like in real estate, San Diego Comic-Con is ruled by the phrase, “location, location, location.” Knowing, where to go, and especially when to go there, are important pieces of information….

The Road to SDCC: DC & Cryptozoic Team-up

Recently I got my hands on some news about Cryptozoic Entertainment showcasing their latest game with DC Comics during San Diego Comic-Con. Cryptozoic has been a strong contender in the….

The Road to SDCC: The Hobbit

I just got an email from Tourism New Zealand, the folks helping to run the events for The Hobbit this year at San Diego Comic-Con, and boy do they have….

The Road to SDCC: Man of Steel

Man of Steel has come along with some exciting news: we get the first big trailer for the movie we’ve been waiting for since Superman Returns at San Diego Comic-Con….