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Savior #1 Review

Savior #1 Story by Todd McFarlane & Brian Holguin Cover/Story Art by Clayton Crain Lettering by Tom Orzechowski Review by Joey Braccino “DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOD?”  Comics legend Todd….

Escape From Jesus Island #1

Escape From Jesus Island #1 Review Writing: Shawn French Art: Mortimer Glum Review by Melissa Megan From official press release: “An attempt to clone Jesus eventually succeeds, but in the process creates….

S.H.O.O.T. First #1 Review

S.H.O.O.T. First #1 Story by Justin Aclin Art by Nicolas Daniel Selma Colors by Marlac Letters by Amanda Aguilar Selma Review by Joey Braccino Dark Horse Comics’ latest series, S.H.O.O.T…..

Bedlam #8 Review

Bedlam #8 Review Writing: Nick Spencer Art: Ryan Browne Review by Melissa Megan Bedlam loves to open with a good, old fashioned flashback. Good thing Madder Red has had some intense and….

X-Factor #258 Review

X-Factor #258 Written by Peter David Pencils by Neil Edwards & Carmen Carnero Inks by Jay Leisten Colors by Matt Milla Review by Joey Braccino Peter David’s final “arc” on….

What You’ve Been Missing: Blankets

Welcome to What You’ve Been Missing! Everyone knows that Wednesday is New Comic Book Release Day. It’s also that magical part of the week where (as comic book enthusiasts and….

Bedlam #6 Review

  Bedlam #6 Review Written by Nick Spencer Art by Riley Rossmo Review by Joey Braccino Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam; wherefore art thou so terrifyingly enthralling? Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo….

Morning Glories #25 Review

Morning Glories #25 Written by Nick Spencer Art by Joe Eisma Colors by Alex Sollazzo Letters by Johnny Lowe Review by Joey Braccino “Season One” of Nick Spencer and Joe….

Review: Rex Mundi Omnibus, Vol 1

Writing by: Arvid Nelson Art by: EricJ, Jim Di Bartolo, Juan Ferreyra, Brian Churilla Review by Melissa Megan It’s Paris, 1933, and Dr. Julien Saunière is witnessing a series of strange events, including….