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FF #4 Review

FF #4 Written by Matt Fraction Art by Mike Allred Colors by Laura Allred Reviewed by Steve Seigh Tensions are running high inside the walls of the Baxter Building where….

Fantastic Four Fantasy Castings

Fantastic Four Movie Re-boot Fantasy Castings Some quick musings by Bob Reyer With Fox announcing a tentative release date of March 6, 2015 for the  Fantastic Four movie re-boot, it’s not….

Fantastic Four #2 Review

Fantastic Four #2  Written by Matt Fraction Art by Mark Bagley Reviewed by Steve Seigh Reed Richards is dying. After a near death experience with a really big frickin dinosaur….

Sneak Peak at Marvel’s Ultimates #7

This month on February 29, Marvel Comics will be releasing ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #7.  When we can (aka when we’re allowed to) we like to share the previews that we….