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Gotham Recap: “Harvey Dent”

By Courtney Key Hello Gothamites, long time no see! I’m really sorry for my unexpected and extended leave of recapping absence, and especially for missing “Penguin’s Umbrella” because, well, OSWALD…..

Gotham Recap: “Viper”

By Courtney Key Welcome to our fifth Gotham recap! Lovely to see you today, please sit down and have a delicious, definitely not deadly cannoli while you read. In interesting….

Gotham Recap: “The Balloonman”

By Courtney Key Welcome to the third weekly meeting of the Oswald Cobblepot Appreciation Society! Um, I mean, this week’s Gotham recap. First of all, thanks to those who joined….

Gotham Recap: “Selina Kyle”

By Courtney Key *WARNING: FULL SPOILERS FOR GOTHAM FOLLOW* “This is Gotham. If you don’t bend, you’ll get broke.” That’s the message Jim Gordon’s boss, Captain Essen, gives the new….

Gotham: “Pilot” Recap

By Courtney Key **WARNING FULL SPOILERS FOR GOTHAM AHEAD** After all the hype and promotion, Gotham finally aired on Fox last night. The Bruce Wayne origin story, featuring the beginnings….

Doctor Who Recap: “Into the Dalek”

by Courtney Key Another season, another contractually-obligated Dalek episode. However, despite the fact that as villains the Daleks have become about as effective as Voyager-era Borg, the second episode of….