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Darkseid Special #1

Darkseid Special #1 Review Written by Mark Evanier, Paul Levitz, Phil Hester and Jack Kirby Art by Scott Kolins, Ande Parks and Jack Kirby Colours by Dave McCaig and Dave….

Shipwreck #1: “Augur” Review

Created & Written by Warren Ellis (@warrenellis) Art by Phil Hester (@philhester) Inking by Eric Gapstur (@ericgapstur) Coloring by Mark Englert (@markenglert) Lettering by Marshall Dillon (@marshalldillon) Review by Hernan….

Invincible Universe #1 Review

Invincible Universe #1 Written by Phil Hester Art by Todd Nauck Reviewed by Sean Lamont Shortly after I got into comics, I was told (incessantly) by my more well-versed compatriots….