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Batman: The Imposter #1 Review

“Someone’s out there pretending to be Batman” Batman: The Imposter Issue 1 Matt Tomlin Andrea Sorrentino (@And_Sorrentino) Jordie Bellaire Review by Chris Ceary Content warnings/Trigger warnings: graphic violence, mental illness….

Victorie City #1 Review

Victorie City #1 (of 4) Story by Keith Carmack (@keithchaos) Art by Vincent Nappi (@Vincent Nappi) Letters & Design by Jessi Adrignola (@jessinaislost) Review by Joey Braccino “YOU’RE THiNKiNG TO….

Hit: 1957 #1 Review

Hit: 1957 #1 (of 4) Written by Bryce Carlson Illustrated by Vanesa R. Del Rey Colors by Niko Guardia Letters by Ed Dukeshire Review by Joey Braccino “Bonnie didn’t want….

Invisible Republic #1 Review

Invisible Republic #1 Written by Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko ( @corinnabechko) Art by Gabriel Hardman ( @gabrielhardman) Colors by Jordan Boyd ( @jordantboyd) Design by Dylan Todd ( @bigredrobot)….

Deep State #1 Review

Deep State #1 BOOM! Studios Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Ariela Kristantina Color: Ben Wilsonham Letters: Ed Dukeshire Review by Gary Chapin So, you know that thing when you see a….

Roche Limit #1 Review

Roche Limit #1 Michael Moreci (@MichaelMoreci) Vic Malhotra (@VicMalhotra) Colors – Jordan Boyd (@jordantboyd) Letters – Ryan Ferrier (@ryanwriter) Review by Joey Braccino “But as a man much wiser than….

Dead Letters – Volume 1 Review

Dead Letters – Volume 1 Written by Christopher Sebela (@xtop) Illustrated by Chris Visions (@chrisvisi0ns) Colors by Ruth Redmond & Matt Battaglia Letters by Steve Wands Review by Joey Braccino….

The Fade Out #1 Review

The Fade Out #1 Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser Edits by David Brothers Review by Joey Braccino “THIS WAS JUST HOW IT WAS HERE…             SOMETHING….

The Bargain – Review

the Bargain – Graphic Novel Written by Kara Barrett (@kbarrett) Art & Cover by J.C. Grande Editors – Kirsten Thompson & Kara Barrett Review by Joey Braccino “With only hours….

Zero #1 Review

Zero #1 Story Ales Kot Art by Michael Walsh Art by Jordie Bellaire Review by Joey Braccino Talk about intense. Ales Kot brings the grit with the latest neo-noir, military-drama….