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Captain Marvel: the Ms. Marvel Years

Captain Marvel is a name synonymous with comic books. In 1939 Fawcett comics unleashed the Big Red Cheese upon the world with the release of Whiz Comics #2 and comics would….

Issue #378: Leveling Up with Ms. Marvel

Issue #378: Leveling Up with Ms. Marvel Download Directly From iTunes JOEY’S BACK WOOOO!!!!! On this week’s episode, we got #comicsDNA, tons of Punisher, Netflix’s UMBRELLA ACADEMY, and a fond….

Diversity Empowers Everyone!

DIVERSITY EMPOWERS EVERYONE!   An Opinion Piece by Bob Reyer As some of you might remember from the podcast or have read about here, it was my honor to participate in the….

The Ultimates #11 – Review

Ultimates #11 Review, or, “The Curse of the Cosmic Guest Artist”  Writer: Al Ewing Artists: Kenneth Rocafort & Djbril Morissette Color Artist: Dan Brown Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino Review by:….