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DC’s New Talent Showcase #1

The graduating class of the DC’s New Talent Development Workshops have finally had their short stories released in the New Talent Showcase #1. The stories are either 8-page tie-ins to….

Burning Fields #1 (of 8) Review

Burning Fields #1 Review (BOOM! Studios, full-color, 32 pages (22 pages of story), released 01/21/2015, $3.99 US) Written by: Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel Illustrated by: Colin Lorimer Colors by: Joana LaFuente Letters by: Jim….

Roche Limit #1 Review

Roche Limit #1 Michael Moreci (@MichaelMoreci) Vic Malhotra (@VicMalhotra) Colors – Jordan Boyd (@jordantboyd) Letters – Ryan Ferrier (@ryanwriter) Review by Joey Braccino “But as a man much wiser than….