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Eternity #4 Review

Writer: Matt Kindt Penciller: Trevor Hairsine Inker: Ryan Winn Colors: David Baron Letters: A Larger World Studios Eternity #4 ends what has been a psychedelic trip of Kirbyesque proportions and….

Eternity #1 Review

Writer: Matt Kindt Pencils: Trevor Hairsine Inks: Ryan Winn Colors: David Baron Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine’s Eternity #1 is three things. It is a wonderful evolution of the Divinity….

Ninjak #0 Review

Writers: Matt Kindt & Christos Gage Artists: Francis Portela & Tomas Giorello Colors: Andrew Dalhouse & Diego Rodriguez Letters: Dave Lanphear Ninjak #0 is both a conclusion and a beginning…..

Rapture #1 Review

Writer: Matt Kindt Art: Cafu Colors: Andrew Dalhouse Letters: Dave Sharpe No one can ever say that Valiant comics are afraid to experiment. Yes they are rooted in a superhero….

Ninjak #26 Review

Writer: Matt Kindt Artists: Stephen Segovia with Ulises Arreola Letters: Dave Sharpe Over the past few months I’ve found myself dipping my toes into the Valiant Universe. I read a….

Talking Valiant Episode #69: X-O Is Back!

Direct Download:  Talking Valiant Episode #69: X-O Is Back! Download Directly from iTunes We start the show with a talk about Valiant’s pre-order program, and let’s just Adam doesn’t care….

Grass Kings #1 Review

Grass Kings #1 Review by Max Mallet Written by: Matt Kindt Illustrated by: Tyler Jenkins Lettered by: Jim Campbell “There’s written laws and then there’s the other kind.” In these….