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X of Swords Week 7: X-Men #14 & Marauders #14

X-Men #14 (Chapter 12)  Writer: Jonathan Hickman Art: Mahmud Asrar & Leinil Francis Yu Colors: Sunny Gho Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles Design: Tom Muller  Marauders # 14 (Chapter 13)  Writers:….

X of Swords Week 6: X of Swords Stasis #1

Writer: Jonathan Hickman & Tini Howard Art: Pepe Larraz & Mahmud Asrar Colors: Marte Gracia Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles Design: Tom Muller  The Krakoan Champions have been selected. Nine champions….

X of Swords Week 5: Excalibur #13 & X-Men #13

Excalibur #13 (Chapter 9) Writer: Tini Howard Artist: RB Silva Colors: Nolan Woodward Letters: Vc’s Ariana Maher Design: Tom Muller X-Men #13 (Chapter 10)  Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Mahmud Asrar Colors: Sunny….

Conan the Barbarian #1 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Mahmud Asrar Colors: Matthew Wilson Letters: VC’s Travis Lanhan Marvel has a long and storied history with Conan. Roy Thomas first brought Robert E. Howard’s Barbarian to….

Uncanny X-Men #1 Review

Writers: Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, & Kelly Thompson Artists: Mahmud Asrar, Mirko Colak, Ibraim Roberson, & Mark Bagley Inker: Andrew Hennessy (with Mark Bagley) Colors: Rachelle Rosenberh & Guru-eFX (Backup….

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 Review

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 Written by Jason Latour Art by Mahmud Asrar Color Art by Israel Silva Letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles Review by Mike Duke I’m not going….

Supergirl #20 Review

Supergirl #20 Written by Michael Allan Nelson Art by Mahmud Asrar Reviewed by Sean Lamont There has been a keen wailing and gnashing of teeth from many critics over the….