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The Flash #21 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson Art: Howard Porter Colors: Hi-Fi Letters: Steve Wands It’s hard to believe that it has only been a year since the DC Rebirth Special. Over the past….

Flash #17 Review

Flash #17 Review Written by Joshua Williamson Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico, Davida Gianfelice and Neil Googe Colours by Ivan Plascencia and Chris Sotomayor Letters by Steve Wands Reviewed by….

The Flash #14 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico Colors: Ivan Plascencia Letterer: Steve Wands I didn’t realize how much I missed reading the Flash. I first read the adventures of the….

the Flash #13 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Neil Googe Colors: Ivan Plascencia Letters: Steve Wands In a word the Flash #13 is delightful. Joshua Williamson and company have created a near perfect single….

Frostbite #1 Review

Written by Joshua Williamson Art by Jason Shawn Alexander Coloring by Luis NCT Lettering by Steve Wands Most people have probably seen Joshua Williamson’s name pop up because of his….

Birthright #2 Review

Birthright #2 Written by: Joshua Williamson (@William_Josh) Art by: Andrei Bressan (@AndreiBressan) Colours by: Adriano Lucas Letters by: Pat Brosseau Published by Image Comics Birthright is back and we continue….

Birthright #1 Review

Birthright #1 Joshua Williamson – creator, writer Andrei Bressan – creator, artist Adriano Lucas – colorist Pat Brosseau – letterer Review by Joey Braccino “Are you telling me you’re some….

Nailbiter #1 Review

Nailbiter #1 Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Mike Henderson Colors: Adam Guzowski Review by Patrick Brennan Contrary to the beliefs of some, horror fans are some of the smartest people you’re….