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Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1 Review

Writer/Artist: Sean Murphy Colors: Matt Hollingsworth Letters: AndWorld Design Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1 returns us to the alternate universe established last year in Batman: White Knight. Superstar creator….

Batman: White Knight #8 Review

Writer & Artist: Sean Murphy Colors: Matt Hollingsworth Letters: Todd Klein The central theme of Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight has been whether or not Batman is truly the hero that….

Returning to BTAS: Episode 25 – The Clock King

The Clock King Directed by: Kevin Altieri Written by: David Wise Original Air Date: September 21st 1992 Synopsis: [From IMDB see: here] A ruined efficiency expert with an uncanny sense of timing and schedules plots….

Batman #25 Review

Writer: Tom King Artist: Mikel Janin Colors: June Chung Letters: Clayton Cowles Anyone picking up Batman #25 with the hope of finding out Catwoman’s response to Batman’s proposal from last….

This Month in Comics History: The Killing Joke

Batman: The Killing Joke (1988) Writer: Alan Moore Artist: Brian Bolland Colorists: John Higgins, Brian Bolland Letterer: Richard Starkings Publisher: DC Review by Max Mallet *Warning: Spoilers Ahead* **WARNING: POTENTIALLY TRIGGERING….

DC’s New Talent Showcase #1

The graduating class of the DC’s New Talent Development Workshops have finally had their short stories released in the New Talent Showcase #1. The stories are either 8-page tie-ins to….