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Hungry Ghosts #1 Review

Writer: Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose Artist:Alberto Ponticelli and Vanesa Del Rey Colorist:Jose Villarrubia Cover Artist: Paul Pope Review by Kris K Anthony Bourdain co-wrote a horror comic. I will let….

Ice Cream Man #1 Review

Ice Cream Man #1 Story by W. Maxwell Prince Art/Cover by Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran Review by KrisK Image Comics has released Ice Cream Man#1, a new horror anthology from….

30 Days of Night #1

30 Days of Night #1   By Steve Niles, writer Piotr Kowalski, artist Brad Simpson, colorist Tom B. Long, letterer Reviewed by Tom Zimm Recap 30 Days of Night is….

Talking Movies episode 132: The Fly (1986)

Our journey through the filmography of director David Cronenberg continues this week with a discussion of one of his signature works, the 1986 horror/sci-fi remake The Fly. With the always-entertaining….

Moonshine #5 Review

Moonshine #5 Review by Max Mallet Writer: Brian Azzarello Art & Colors: Eduardo Risso Color Assistant: Cristian Rossi Letters & Design: Jared K. Fletcher Publisher: Image “All of this… you….

The Dregs #1 Review

Writers: Lonnie Nadler + Zac Thompson Art: Eric Zawadzki Colors: Dee Cunniffe The Dregs #1 tackles the expansive socioeconomic gap between the homeless and rich using a brilliantly provocative metaphor; cannibalism!!!….