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Character Profile: Catwoman

Character Profile: Selina Kyle, A.K.A. Catwoman Created by: Bob Kane and Bill Finger Publisher: DC Comics Comic Book Debut: April 1940 (Batman #1) Column by: Max Mallet “I’m Catwoman.  Hear….

Tet #1 Review

Tet #1 (of 4) Written & Lettered by Paul Allor (@PaulAllor) Artwork by Paul Tucker (@paul_tucker) Review by Joey Braccino “I’ve never liked telling war stories.” Vietnam is a spectre….

Tales of a Collector

I didn’t start out as a collector/hoarder. Nobody does. As a kid we can’t afford to nor really want to. We got the books we were given and that was….

She Makes Comics Kickstarter Needs You!

She Makes Comics From the makers of fantastic documentary films like Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts and The Image Revolution, Sequart and Respect! Films comes a….

Manifest Destiny #1 Review

Manifest Destiny #1 Writer: Chris Dingess Penciller & Inker: Matthew Roberts Colorist: Owen Gieni Letterer: Pat Brosseau Review by Joey Braccino I’ve got a soft spot for alternative historical fiction. Abraham….

Captain America #19 Review

  Captain America #19 Written by Ed Brubaker Art by Steve Epting Color Art by Frank D’Armata Review by Joey Braccino ‘Tis a sad day. Today, Ed Brubaker’s Captain America….

Uncanny X-Men #20 Review

Uncanny X-Men #20 Written by Kieron Gillen Pencils by Carlos Pacheco Inks by Roger Bonet Colors by Guru eFX Review by Joey Braccino “What were you planning?” “To save everyone,….

Review: Rex Mundi Omnibus, Vol 1

Writing by: Arvid Nelson Art by: EricJ, Jim Di Bartolo, Juan Ferreyra, Brian Churilla Review by Melissa Megan It’s Paris, 1933, and Dr. Julien Saunière is witnessing a series of strange events, including….